Introducing The CNJA Token to all Our Online Shoppers

Any computer running blockchain software is considered a node of that blockchain.

The job of a full node is to store the blockchain data, pass along the data to other nodes, and ensure newly added blocks are valid.




Waves DEX

H2oX – A Waves Token Exchange



Asset ID:


Address for leasing:


Total Supply




Payments are paid at 100%:

Paid Weekly to Lessors

100% LPOS Lessor Proof of Stake

100% Waves Token Paid to Lessors

100% Miners Reward Token ( CNJA )

Leasing/Lending Agreement terms:

When an investor/lessor cancels the leasing agreement with us between or during week days, earned rewards are forfeited and sent to our leasing pool to share with our active lessors equally and 1% goes back to the CNJA Token donations.

Who is CNJA and what can it do for the network?

CNJA Token Generation is a transparent, decentralized and encrypted cryptocurrency; created to suit our, eco-friendly supporters/members on our Waves DEX giving you complete control of your funds when leased to our Full Node.

CNJA Token Generation, provides shares revenue with our shoppers who lease to our Node 100% Weekly Interest paid in Waves and distribution of our CNJA Tokens to our Lessors.

Rewards Are Calculated Based on the number of Waves you Lease to our

Full Node:

( This is an example of how much you can earn for leasing your tokens, these figures do not guarantee the fixed amount you will earn since we have no control over the market price, to avoid daily payment and network fees/gas we will pay all members on Monday and Update LPOS on PDF FORMAT for future references .)

Important to know : When lease to our full node not only do you earn interest for participating on our Airdrop /ICO. You help us provide accessible services such as new hardware to keep the computer running and paying electricity used to confirm transaction online. Your full support builds new connection and enables us to provide 100% value back to our supporters, Lenders and Active Members.

How we calculate your earnings at 100% no FEES!

Hodl Bonuses will be Airdrop to users accounts when they hodl the set amount required to start earning from our Node.

Lease 25.00 (WAVES/CNJA)

Hodling Value in U$D: $35.75

Daily Earning: $0.01 (0.01WAVES/CNJA)

Weekly Earnings: $0.05 (0.04WAVES/CNJA)

Monthly Earning: $0.22 (0.16WAVES/CNJA)

Yearly Earnings: $2.69 (1.88WAVES/CNJA)

Hodl Bonus: 500.000 CNJA Token Airdrop

Lease 100.00 (WAVES/CNJA)

Hodling Value in U$D: $143

Daily Earnings: $0.03 (0.02WAVES/CNJA)

Weekly Earnings: $0.22 (0.14WAVES/CNJA)

Monthly Earning: $0.90 (0.63WAVES/CNJA)

Yearly Earnings: $10.77 (7.53WAVES/CNJA)

Hodl Bonus : 2 500.00 CNJA Token Airdrop

Lease 175.00 (WAVES/CNJA)

Hodling Value in U$D: $250.25

Daily Earnings: $0.05 (0.04WAVES/CNJA)

Weekly Earnings: $0.36 (0.25WAVES/CNJA)

Monthly Earning: $1.57 (0.63WAVES/CNJA)

Yearly Earnings: $18.87 (7.53WAVES/CNJA)

Hodl Bonus : 5 000.000 CNJA Token Airdrop

VIPL – (Very Important

Peer Lessor) Reward Plan:

Lease 749.00 (WAVES/CNJA)

Hodling Value in U$D: $1,071.07

Daily Earnings: $0.05 (0.04WAVES/CNJA)

Weekly Earnings: $0.36 (0.25WAVES/CNJA)

Monthly Earning: $1.57 (0.63WAVES/CNJA)

Yearly Earnings: $18.87 (7.53WAVES/CNJA)

Hodl Bonus: 10 000.0000 CNJA Token Airdrop

Lease for Six Months and we reward you with (0.07 ETH)

Location: South Africa

Other important details you should know:

(Q1) - First Soft Launch

Total Supply : 100,000,000,000,000.0000 CNJA

Timestamp 17.07.2019 09:05:5710

Claim 2 CNJA Hourly :

~ The First Phase of our Soft Launch

10, 000,000,000.0000 CNJA have be Sent to faucet.sys (

Our Social Channels to connect with our supporters and Lessors?

~ The Second Phase of our Soft Launch

Join us on Steemit (

1, 000,000.0000 CNJA Token Airdrop Weekly to members who follow and upvote and send proof as snapshot on the Discord channel.


To distribute our coins to all supporting members in a fairly good and quick manner our link invite is Set to expire after one day.

Invitation to join our CTG channel on Discord will be updated Weekly after Payouts.

Items will be sold in CNJA Token and will be exchangeable for Waves/ETH/PayPal/LTC/BTC and ZAR:

~ The third Phase of our Soft Launch

  1. Pricing of items,

  2. Shopper Rewards,

3 Weekly give ways in Waves for if items purchased with our own CNJA Token.

Use coinpayment merchant to order our items online:

Pay using Waves :

(when you sign you up on our coinpayment, email proof so we can check /reward you with

1000 CNJA tokens on your waves accounts.

This will boost more revenue to share with our shoppers and investors.

*Recruiting and Training of Staff Members

(We’ve been providing online opportunities/job related offers for our members since 2015 giving back is our prime key in success)

(Q2) Payment Cards :

We will issue ETH Gifts Cards for our VIPLessors to use anywhere online.

On the Second Quarter of our ICO/Airdrop members will be receiving rewards to your ETH Wallets

No ATM - (Currently we do not provide ATM payment system)

No Deposits required to send money to us, unless you ask for help regarding transferring of funds to your wallet if you not able to send them manual using our Free methods.

Email: [email protected] for manual transfer to your Waves Wallet.

(Additional service fee may apply for burning time)

(Q3) – Our Own Exchange Services

From past experience members have asked us many of times to help them exchange fiat, crypto and other existing coins and we are also considering providing our own exchange services without additional fees (any profits we earn from members leasing to our node /hodling/purchasing our Tokens will go to our project plan. Full details will be provided until waves project has met all required funds to start buying back our coins from the public).

and a little bit more, of our CNJA Token Generation projects in waves community will be announce during the ICO offering stage… Coming Soon…

(Q4) – Mobile App….Coming Soon (Final Stage : Soft Launch)

Purchasing/Ordering of our ICO Token Using Wirex payments:

Get $10 worth of CNJA Tokens when you register and support the token:

Deposit Address: Copy and Paste (cnjatoken~wxt*

Use Ref Code : d87046 to confirm deposit purchase of our token online.

Register and Verify Wirex:

Who is Cashninja?

An experience online user, shopper, affiliate, marketer, promoter, advertiser, webmaster, freelancer, researcher and cryptopreneur who believes in the eco-friendly systems and software that can shape the world

Why USE the CNJA Token?

Our CNJA token aims to provide our Data Capturing Personals with qualifying home based businesses to help members build new connections. With the use and help of our CNJA token members can start learning and earning in cryptocurrency and convert their earnings to PayPal so they can receive monthly statement via email or postal address as proof of earnings being received from the registered company online.

It’s very hard to start sending payment to strangers in today’s online business networking, with our unique business package any member that works and becomes a full time member with our registered company is a member registered and approved qualifies to represents the company in all networking and affiliating companies online as long as they provide their UserID { D87046 } listed as their reference code to check if they are registered or not. This guarantees you that we are not here to run away with anyone’s money as long as you lease to our network and support the token J

We do not promote the ideas of scam hype programs or get rich quick schemes to ruin our members trusts and long term relationships which were built through basic networking channels that have earned us a passive income during the last past 5 years.

As long as our qualify members are using the provided guide in earning money online we guarantee a successfully business for everyone.


What makes CNJA Token different?

The eco-friendly token earnings will be generated from our gold mining services and when you hold enough CNJA tokens we will pay you weekly commissions at 100% for 5 Months

How to claim CNJA token?

Purchase any of our online products when you checkout ,leave a comment with your waves address to earn weekly commission.

Can I use CNJA Token to purchase products and services?

Yes, you can purchase our Advertising package at 1.0000 CNJA for 7 days on our facebook post, this is to confirm that you are a real person and have read our facebook group policy. You must have enough CNJA token in order to use our advertising product online or you can purchase our token using ETH address provided on the website send proof of TX hash to confirm payment.

How many CNJA Tokens do I need to start earning commission weekly?

You can buy our tokens from our shop using the following payment system.
PayPal, BTC, Waves or when you donate to our Goldbit Mining Node -
ETH address. {0x89CbD1a4E5106B40239c857DBB7B57cE4caaa822}

I still do not understand the CNJA Token I need more information?

Get in touch today with our support team and submit a ticket and our friendly support team will be ready to answer your concerns. [email protected]