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We are a mining platform that offers leases for bitcoin mining. We have several farms spread across several parts of the world equipped with ASIC miners for maximum performance and benefit. Our ASIC miners are 24 hours in constant operation, our technicians perform the necessary maintenance tasks so that no miners stop working.

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What are the mining plans offered by miningcrypto?

In miningcrypto we offer lasting contracts of 365 days corresponding to 1 year.

MiningCrypto offers the following mining plans:

SHA-256 V1.0
Price: 0.00300000 BTC
Percentage earnings day: 0.25%
Annual earnings percentage: 91.25%
Profit day: 0.00001571/day
Profit year: 0.00573415 BTC
Duration: 365 days

SHA-256 V2.0
Price: 0.00600000 BTC
Percentage earnings day: 0.50%
Annual earnings percentage: 182.5%
Profit day: 0.00004643/day
Profit year: 0.01694695 BTC
Duration: 365 days

SHA-256 V3.0
Price: 0.01600000 BTC
Percentage earnings day: 0.75%
Annual earnings percentage: 273.75%
Profit day: 0.00016383/day
Profit year: 0.05979795 BTC
Duration: 365 days

SHA-256 V4.0
Price: 0.04000000 BTC
Percentage earnings day: 0.90%
Annual earnings percentage: 328.5%
Profit day: 0.00046958/day
Profit year: 0.17139670 BTC
Duration: 365 days

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