Investments in the agricultural sector through the SB2015 Token

Project name: growing grain crops in the Orenburg region
The minimum amount for the beginning of the project: 65 000$ (4 100 000 RUB.)
Maximum amount: $ 200,000 (12,600,000 rubles).)
Project start date: November 08, 2019 at 11.30 Moscow time
End date for fundraising: April 10, 2020, 22.00 GMT.
Expected return: from 30% to 45% during the project implementation period.
Project completion date: November 1, 2020 00.00 Moscow time
Form of payment of yield: redemption of sold tokens (the cost of the token at sale + yield).
Date of redemption of tokens: November 2, 2020 09.00 MSK-December 30, 2020 00.00 MSK.
Investments in the agro sector through the SB2015 Token
What we have:

  • Sown area of 469.5 Hectares in the Orenburg region, Orenburg, village of Ponds, cadastral number 56: 44:0805002:2.
  • Agrotechnology of cultivation (cereals and oilseeds).
  • People ready to work.
  • Accounting and legal entity.
    What do we need money for:
  • purchase of MTZ 1221 tractor, 2013 and earlier.
  • purchase of dental harrows.
  • purchase of a disk harrow.
  • purchase of a cultivator for row-to-row processing.
  • purchase of a mounted sprayer.
  • purchase of the Vector 410 combine of 2013 and earlier.
  • purchase of a tractor trailer.
  • purchase of a truck.
  • purchase of fuel and consumables.
  • organization of the zone of stay, rest, food for the staff.
  • organization of the equipment storage area.
  • payment of the salary Fund.
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    What will we earn:
  • Cultivation of grain crops (soft wheat) 200 Hectares, expected yield of 13 quintals per 1 hectare. The cost of soft wheat is 11 000r / t.
    Approximate calculation: 200ga * 1.3 t *11000r = 2 860 000r.
  • Cultivation of oil crops (sunflower , Hebrides) 260 Hectares, expected yield of 13 quintals per 1 hectare. The cost of sunflower is 13 000r/t.
    Approximate calculation: 260ga * 1.3 t *13000r = 4 394 000r.
  • Leasing equipment for sowing and harvesting operations to neighboring farms. The cost of renting from 5000r / hour.
    Approximate calculation: 100 hours of sowing and preparation work
    50 hours of cultivation
    50 hours of cleaning work
    (100h + 50H + 50H) * 5000r = 1 000 000r
    The expected return on the minimum investment amount is equal to 8,254,000 rubles.
    How will we pay % of the invested funds:
    The cost of one token is equal to 1 USD. The number of tokens for sale is 200,000. All unsold tokens will be burned. The purchase will be made at a minimum of 1.3 USD.
    For example, Ivan Petrovich bought 100 tokens, and Sergey Sergeevich bought 5,000 tokens.
    That Ivan Petrovich will sell for 130 USD, and Sergey Sergeevich Yes 6 500 USD.
    It turns out that Ivan Petrovich returned the invested 100 USD + 30 USD in the form of %.
    Our chat for discussion in Telegram: SB_agro
    for a quick and prompt response.
    How to become a token holder: SB2015
    You need to download from the official site the application.
    Install it on your PC or phone (smartphone).
    Go to the exchange tab.
    Find our SB2015 token by SB2015 name or by
    ID: 5a7nmYBk3s3c1UcYfShwtacHKe3Vv8bGu8kccd2fm7gn
    Make a deal.
    The sale is carried out according to strictly stipulated rules for$1.
    One of the main tasks in any business is to reduce costs.
    Part of the funds from the received profit will be used to reduce costs.
  • One of the huge items of expenditure is fuel (diesel fuel).
  • Electric power
    We can place wind power stations on our territory. And collect energy for use at night and charging equipment. Of course, a tractor for electric traction will be expensive! But we can replace the internal combustion engine with an electric motor. The task is difficult but doable!
    Company contacts:
    tel.: +7 932 540 02 07, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram
    email: [email protected]
    the Limited Liability company “Modern Business”
    TIN 5610212990 KPP561001001

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