Issue with

I have a script that runs and does a comparison between a waves local node and All the script does is take the result from the URL

The json result would then be compared between the local node and and when there is a difference between the blockheight, the script would send me an email.

The issue appears to have started around 24th March 2022 20:43 (NZDT). The issue is that the result coming back from is sometimes correct(current blockheight) and sometimes behind by at least 400 blocks.

I’ve replicated the issue by visiting:

If the page is refreshed a lot, you will noticed that the blockheight would suddenly be lagging by 400 blocks and more page refresh, it would go back to normal. It’s like there are server(s) in the pool that’s is always lagging behind.

If anyone can please have a look at the, that would be great.

This issue has been fixed by WAVES. They’ve made changes to the way that their balancing between the backend server.