Issue with Waves Wallet concerning Ethereum deposit

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Waves, but I had purchased the Ethereum from

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The issue is to see if you can help with this. The problem is this I had purchased Ethereum from Coinmoma and the wallet address I used was from Waves: 0x08b94d4f8e6df8de1a86d30c95e82def1febdc45 for them to be deposited there. Even though, waves does not allow Ethereum they did not specifically say purchased ETH, but when withdrawing from Exchange. So, then Coinmoma said the purchased Ethereum was approved and sent to Waves wallet address mentioned earlier. Now at the Waves wallet, the ETH never displayed as received. So now the ETH is just there sitting at the Waves address: 0x08b94d4f8e6df8de1a86d30c95e82def1febdc45 , but not inside of the Waves wallet. Is there a way to get refunded this ETH amount to a new ETH address? Coinmoma could not help and Waves could not help according to an admin on Telegram. Coinmoma does not sell there ETH as smart contract product or nonsmart contract product, but just as ETH. While, Waves does not accept Smart Contract ETH, but just ETH, which is horrible because Ethereum by itself does not say it is smart contract product or nonsmart contract product (ETH). Is there a way to change the floating funds to a new ETH address that displays those funds with the Waves address? Because the funds are just sitting there for everyone to view, but never arrived to the appointed address.