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"The first decentralised centre for translation and information exchange"

The Kolin platform was created for becoming a bridge between different cultures, languages and also to ease access to education. Thus, Kolin platform will become an agent of change by creating the first decentralized centre for translation and information exchange. Multilingual and open technical material will be generated within a social branch of the platform, and a private branch will offer translation services to private entities. Working both in parallel in order to make access to knowledge universal, making Kolin a core point for the generation of a more inclusive world.

Aims and objectives?
Kolin born as an acronym from the Esperanto “Konscienco Lingvo” meaning “Conscious Language”. Kolin will be the first decentralised cryptocurrency mediated centre for translation and information exchange, shortening language and technical barriers within a user-friendly environment. The platform will be online and separated into two sections, social and private working in parallel.

The private section will work with specialized and certified translators offering their services and knowledge for translating private documents in a confidential manner. Private documents will be secured via encryption within the Blockchain adding an extra layer of security to the normal translation process. Prices on the private section will be regulated by complexity and word count, generating personalised quotations for work performed. Translators will be paid in Kolin for their work, including bonuses for speed and accuracy. The Kolin token can be later cashed out on an available exchange or used as a peer-to-peer payment method.

Kolin Social will work in a completely public format. A small proportion of the funds paid on the private section will be made available to a communal pool in Kolin Social. The community will be able to vote on allocating these funds towards requested topics and once the community agrees to a request, volunteers will work translating the agreed community petition. Translation will not only be performed into different languages but also from technical to non-technical language. Volunteers working in the Social section will be rewarded in Kolin by the clarity level achieved, accuracy and word count.

People working on either the Social or Private sections will be ranked regarding the number of works performed, the number of words translated, accuracy & clarity level achieved. Different user levels are included in the Kolin platform’s functionality, named as moderators, writers, reviewers, translators and members, all being rewarded at some point for the platform.

Project innovation: What makes this project innovative and/orunique?

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is one most exciting developments in recent history. Since the emergence of bitcoin in 2009 cryptocurrency has become a multi-hundred billion dollar industry using blockchain in all manner of revolutionary ways to disrupt the current economic processes including currency, smart contracts, social media and supply chain management. Integral to the process is the decentralization aspect, whereby information can be sent peer-to-peer without a central administrator and without a need for intermediaries on the blockchain, permanently stored and with optional encryption.

Kolin coin leverages all these aspects and gives users from any part of the world a chance to become independent and have access to translation services (documents, articles, websites, etc) into a variety of languages by using the Kolin currency to pay to specialised translators via the blockchain, shortening the language barriers within a user-friendly environment. Technical information too can be simplified and rewritten using the platform performed by experts in the field.

The payment will depend on the market and also the quality of the work as determined by certain measurements such as speed and accuracy. These Kolin tokens are valid indefinitely and are the property of their respective holders and will also be able to be traded on a variety of platforms and converted into different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum or straight to fiat currency such as USD or GBP.

Whilst large corporations and institutions may already have good access to language sharing information, the Kolin platform will make available these services to smaller businesses and also individuals from areas of the world where they may not be able to connect to the required language or technical documentation services easily through conventional means without the need for expensive middlemen, facilitating world information exchange without borders.

Kolin was present on #Scotchain18

A new member is joining our team, We have a new Chief Technology office

Now we are a Verisafe approved Project!

You can also know more about our team and the Kolin project by visiting our interactive Whitepaper at http://docs.kolinplatform.com/

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Now we are a Verisafe approved Project!


burn event - 50% Of total supply burn

On February 28th the Kolin team has chosen to burn over a 60 percent of the total supply. This reduction from 8 to 3 billion Kolin means a transference of control to our community.

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Just a few days left for our alpha version release. You can follow the countdown at

Kolin Platform are really glad to announce that kolin will be listed on Swft exchange on march 29th

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we are proud to announce the launch of our alpha platform v.0.0.1 enjoy it


We are happy to announce that all #Kolin holders with more than 100,000 $Kolin will start receiving a monthly 8%…

This is a tool connected to the Waves blockchain that retrieves an addresses holding Kolin and calculates a reward interest over time

Kolin is teaming up with Translate5 open-source project and MittagQI

Kolin is teaming up with Translate5 open source project and MittagQI, a German enterprise doing the lead development of Translate5 since 2011. Kolin will be integrating the most recent advancements in Blockchain technology to the expertise and innovation of the Translate5 engine. MittagQI and Kolin share a common vision in open source technology and talks were held to bring innovation to the translation industry. New opportunities arise from this collaboration, such as the generation of decentralised and pluggable translation memory or creating a decentralised marketplace where translation plugins could be offered by companies or natural persons. https://twitter.com/KolinPlatform/status/1121383683909406721?s=19

A new trading pair is now available for Kolin. Find the KOLIN / ETH pair at Cryptonex exchange Trading has been activated Today May 8th at 12:00 UTC. Happy trading!.

Kolin’s platform is impressive project.If you create same like this platform contact our company.

We are happy to be part of the fifth batch of waves grants distributed by waves platform and waves labs


Kolin platform are happy to share with the community our dApp Testnet release on September 10th.

We love not to speculated with the price, that’s why news came as a surprise, what will be the next?..