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         **KOquid**   - Empowering and Rewarding Loyalty

KOquid is a blockchain Waves crypto token and a loyalty and rewards eco-system like no other for youth and sports clubs, sporting events, their sponsors and partners to incentivise participation, custom and loyalty by rewarding their participants and members instantly with a more compelling value proposition redeemable at participating clubs and outlets, a crypto token that can be sent to family and friends or sold/traded on the Waves decentralised exchange, the fastest most secure and user-friendly DEX in the world.

KOquid Asset ID: **FEt2EShbZ1xyRXf2QqUCkpCs7YDhFjWkxJ7aXWPYsn8c**
                      **WHY INVEST IN KOQUID?**

   KOquid - sports and youth club, events loyalty and rewards eco-system. 

Unlike A8muf very few businesses appear to be trying hard to think about what the customer wants, and then follow in that direction, in a bid to create long-term value by using blockchain technology we are able to offer a more attractive, effective and efficient model β€” one that gives people new reasons to participate and engage more often with their local Youth or Sports club, or attend sporting events.

A8muf uses blockchain technology to create transferable, freely tradable crypto tokens that can be used and shared between the clubs and outlets who form part of the KOquid ecosystem. KOquid tokens can be used by the participating clubs and outlets as rewards for their members participation and loyalty, KOquid tokens can immediately be credited to the members wallet, accessible through their mobile phone or web browser.

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The token being sold are KOquid tokens, which function as the payment instrument of the KOquid Rewards Ecoystem.

A small selection of active Youth and sports clubs will be given a predetermined number of KOquid tokens upon joining the programme, tokens are then used as rewards to their loyal members and participants whom in turn use the tokens at other participating clubs and outlets to obtain discounts on goods and services.
The clubs and outlets issue the tokens obtained to reward future loyal customers creating a vibrant, healthy and sustainable value based rewards ecosystem.
Clubs and outlets choose portions of their services and goods inventory to be visible in the participant or members KOquid wallet, they can then complete the purchase of said services or goods through the club or outlets Point of Sale system.

A8muf has partnered with the Waves platform, a blockchain ecosystem with the fastest transaction times over which the tokens will be issued. During the presale and ITO, KOquid tokens will be available on the Waves DEX to be stored on wallets provided by the Waves platform. The KOquid app will incorporate features of the Waves wallet, it will be an easy to use app, which will be freely available to download for members, participants, clubs and outlets.

We’re working on having KOquid listed on various exchanges.

KOquid pre-sale starts Wednesday 16th October 2019, ends Tuesday 12th November 2019.

KOquid ITO will start Sunday 15th December 2019, ends Wednesday 15th January 2020.

Take part in the KOquid ITO (Initial Token Offering):
The Pre-ITO rate is 1 Koquid (KOQ) / Β£0.05
The ITO rate is 1 KOquid (KOQ) / Β£0.15
There is a saving bonus of over 66% off the ITO rate for KOquid in the pre-sale
Participants can exchange in Waves, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin



Our generous Bounty Program enables you to earn KOquid by promoting and spreading the word about the KOquid blockchain rewards ecosystem, the Koquid ITO presale and the ITO.
Promote through social media posts, blog posts, published articles and videos.


Learn more about KOquid at – https://www.koquid.io
Get the Whitepaper at β€” https://www.koquid.io/koquid-white-paper/
Learn more about A8muf at – https://www.a8muf.com
Follow KOquid on Twitter – https://twitter.com/KO_quid
Join Telegram Group - https://t.me/KOquid

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