Krosscoin #KSS Greatest Project on Waves

Universal App Monetization Platform…Economic revolution for all

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Krosscoin ICO (Moved to Oct 7, 2018)
475 million tokens offered | 1 KSS = 0.0006 waves | October 7 - November 7 | KSS-Waves holders to swap for new token (1:1) 30 days after ICO.

Kindly note that those swapping from KSS-Waves to new token will have to show purchase screenshot. From September 25, only KSS bought at 0.0006 waves and above per KSS will be allowed to swap to new token. Thanks

Krosscoin Onepager 2018.pdf (3.8 MB)

Nice project from you guys


3PNiBvBvhi3anP441aZoLF4yFvyQgqASKHE дай те мне

I love all greatest projects, here is the wallet to receive airdrops:


I joined PHoneum and Krosscoin few months ago.
If you can drop me KSS on my walet: 3P8CwTH6sWh7YvXimzDbr7TuyXfMYhybF24
Best Regards:

Andrzej H.

Выглядит не плохо. Рад присоединиться.