Let's meet Triplay

Let’s make an analogy exercise about what we do in triplay.io with does forex trading offer (I accumulate 11 years of experience being a professional Commodity Trading Advisor certified by the NFA of the United States, moved o Sports Betting Industry from 2014):

We do have Triplay System. It is like a Trading Strategy on forex, professionally designed and tested.

Triplay System generates a betting tip (named Triplay Tip). Equivalent to an “entry order” generated by a profession forex trading strategy.

The frequency of each betting tip is daily (only one Triplay Tip a day). It is like we have a trading strategy that only generates one daily entry.

In Triplay System, the closing order is the final whistle of the match (Triplay System is applied on major European soccer leagues). In forex, the exit order is the closing order generated by the trading strategy.

In forex we place entry orders in a “broker” or “market maker”. In Triplay System, we do use a selected bookmaker (sportsbook or betting exchange) like “brokers” of forex.

The above are some similarities between Triplay System and Forex Trading (and can be extrapolated to trading of cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, etc.).

In Triplay Investmend Funds and Triplay Leasing (a couple of new services we do offer to crypto world from triplay.io) we do use world class bookmakers to generate dividends for both financial instruments.

Did you like this explanation? Let me know your comments and do not hesitate to ask me or visit www.triplay.io or our global group in Telegram (https://t.me/triplay) -we also do have a Spanish spoken group on Telegram: https://t.me/triplayenespanol.

P.S.: You can buy and hold Triplay token on Waves DEX, asset ID: EizwzJUFzUxPRXi5yr94XSqAcpzHC2vFWuWFwoFpp1EU

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