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Hi, Waves Community!

If you may remember there was a great World Cup a short while ago. And maybe some of you even took part in World Cup 2018 Tokenization that had brought you by Waves Community members.

If not please check this and this post. We have collected 3000 waves and distributed it to 40 users.

Long story short - that was fun and we understood that this concept works. That’s why we decided to continue sport tokenization and now we want to announce a new game - Champions League Tokenization .

All the rules stay the same - we have 32 teams and 32 different tokens. You can buy your team as a token on Waves DEX and trade them during the championship or hodl it till the end. The prize pool will be accumulated by selling the emissed tokens and when the championship is over we will distribute the prize pool between the holders of the winning team. That’s all, basically.

Now we are having a pre-sale stage when you can buy cheap team tokens and that will continue till the 18th of september when the first match begins. So go and buy some Juventus or Man City tokens. That already sounds exciting!

Check more details on

But what’s new?

  1. This time we have a much longer-term event - the Champions League that continues almost eight months. It’s like a real altcoin market but in this case your investment is the team that is on your radar all the way, you understand the result and how the price works.
  2. Now we have a brand new site - which we will keep and use for future tokenizations we planned to launch after the Champions League.
  3. We have issued our own LIGA token on Waves, that we will use for donations for now. Our future plan for LIGA is to utilize token for betting but for now you can donate your crypto to the project by buying it on DEX.
  4. We prepared a lot of interesting stuff for the next 8 months so please keep in touch and subscribed to our new telegram chat and twitter.

Also, please leave your feedback about our game and in general. And join the game asap - this will be much more fun than the World Cup!

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Hi Waves Community,

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Need your feedback. :wink: