- Digital Action Figures and Virtual Playsets made collectible on the Blockchain and interactive through AR/VR Technology

Hi there.
My name is Kelly “Kat” Myers ( and I’m the founder of the project which is based on Waves Platform technology.

As the title states, we are working to produce a platform that integrates Augmented Reality (and by extension, VR) and highspeed, lightweight (waves) blockchain technology, allowing for the acquisition, commissioning, creation, distribution and interaction with a new form of crypto collectible category: Digital Action Figures and Virtual Playsets (and Vehicles) made interactive through augmented reality compatible devices and VR systems.
This project is the culmination of 10 years of market research, business development and extensive R&D into augmented reality and CG and VFX production pipeline tools through our sister site, which I founded in 2010 with a dozen other industry professionals in these areas.
The Content Creation Tool Kit is a combination of our own in house tools for AR and VR which provide for easy animation and deployment of CG assets to an augmented reality application on mobile devices as well as other third party software and hardware tools which we are certifying for use in the LightForms content creation pipeline and thus a part of the larger project with the goal of enabling just about anyone with a complete tools and training solution so as to be able to create their very own Augmented Reality Toy line.
Two of our own products that are part of the package are AR Portfolio for Unity3D (and soon to be ported to Unreal) an GlyconVR.
AR Portfolio is an add on solution for Unity3D that makes quick work of the Augmented Reality mobile app creation process and eliminates the need for expensive third party solutions that employ subscriptions or hosted services. Our solution was written from the bottom up to provide superior AR experiences with respect to being able to do point cloud generation to track the view-able areas in a room for example as well as highly stable image plane tracking, GPS tracking and more.
Additional information about AR Portfolio can be found here

GlyconVR is a Unity3D based Virtual Reality product that provides for motion capture and much, much more. Glycon, while still in beta and under heavy, rapid fire development, makes quick work of animating CG characters by utilizing popular VR headset and hand controller solutions such as the Rift or Vive (WMR support coming soon) with optional Vive tracker support for feet and thus a full body mocap solution including hands through the use of programmable gestures that are typical in humans. The IK Solver is custom and incredibly precise.That means no need for an expensive motion capture suit, but we are working to support these as well.

Beyond motion capture, GlyconVR also incorporate the ability for content creators to “block out props or set pieces” by supporting props and collision systems are applied appropriately to assist in the process of acting out a scene. This is something not possible in conventional motion capture sets ups. Another new feature is the inclusion of a Teleprompter which we believe is a first of its kind function ever having been implemented into a virtual reality motion capture solution.
More information including videos demonstrating GlyconVR are available here.

In addition to these tools, we have recently picked up a 3D Scanning “booth” technology, formerly known as the 3d figurine me scanner. This technology has been in development for several years and the initial prototype has seen action at various fan conventions such as Comicon in Calgary, Alberta over the last two years, working flawlessly.
We are re-branding this as a LightForge Scanner.

The LightForge Scanner us a photogrammetry based solution to creating high quality CG assets from real people, quickly. Simply walk into the booth, hold your position for a few seconds and the scanner captures your likeness. There is a significant amount of computational work involved to take that photographic material and process it, resulting in a 3d model that can be printed or used in game engines. That work is something that is normally done in the cloud using 4 compute nodes over the course of 30 minutes on average, to complete.
Our LightForge Token Program (running now on the Waves DEX, please join us on telegram ) intended to take the need for compute nodes and transfer that work to LightForge Master Node Operators who will be rewarded in waves or our own tokens for doing that work along with other forms of CG/VFX image processing duties. Eventually we want to support rendering for CPU and GPU render engines as well as the photogrammetry processing of LightForge Scanner data.
Holders of 1m tokens will be permitted to run the software and deploy it as they see fit, thus supporting the platform as a whole. There is a lot more too this and we are working on our full whitepaper for the LightForms.CC project right now while incorporating other aspects of the process of creating Digital Action Figures, Virtual Playsets and Vehicles that are the next generation of crypto-collectibles, realized in Augmented Reality.
Please direct your questions to info @ or raise them in the Telegram chat.


Major announcement today.

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Go here for opportunities.

here is a video update for you kats to check out.

We are leaving the Waves platform due to a number of reasons concerning security, “fishing expeditions” by the waves engineering team during our project submission process to waves labs and other problems resulting in a complete lock out of our project wallet.

I encourage everyone to take a look at this wallet. 3P7zCtKYSY69FUfwGskiqgRzA588r5W5p9e
What is it doing?
Also check these addresses out.

And that’s just the start.

Oh but it gets more interesting.

Please check out this Asset on pywaves; 3mLK257BppAz1DPTBn7prdBF3FpJH9mKzi7G77E7pUSA
This is my attempt at mapping out the bot network and tracking down the people behind it and other hostile actions.
It’s about 97% accurate in terms of nailing the exchanges used and the wallets that drive the bot network as well as many of the bot wallets themselves.
Link is here.
The network continues to grow. It’s got bad intentions.

I have sent absolutely everything (well, almost everything :wink: to waves support and the engineering team. They chose to ignore it.
Fine. We are out of here, but we warned, Waves is basically a ticking time bomb with a bonus remote control option. Some node operators are involved. Certain waves ambassadors are involved. Inside job?
oh… likely.

There itsn’t really any proof inside your message.
I think it would be better to include proof and tell how you have gotten this proof, or rewrite your post

The proof is in the blockchain links. And additional information Waves team has. Which they choose to ignore. Plus other information I have, which I will not reveal unless the wallet is unlocked and the damage reversed, or until such a time I decide when its prudent to do so. I may never release the information. I like the Waves Platform technology. I decided on it for a very good reason. What I didn’t factor in however was the various community members and their incestuous relationships with each other and their proximity to the waves platform team.
But ultimately waves has a big design flaw depending on your point of view, or a very sinister design implementation function.

Either way, no one seems to care or willing to do anything about it. So, we are leaving.