Liquid Wave
Всем привет.
Вот попался на глаза проект ,а подробностей никаких.
Может кто работал с ними,отзовитесь

2 Likes had been a bad choice for our token, result: its bot dropped down the price to less than 0.001% from its starting price in less than 48 hours… I stopped the service and returned with an additional loss of 75 LIQUID and almost 10 WAVES.

We don’t know how their bot works but liquidty in term can not pump your coin. It only help to provide more depth in market to avoid from quick pump dump. So, if you start the service from x price this mean they will put buy and sell orders in both side with described levels. Imo, asking starting price one of the stupid thing :slight_smile: They should start from current market price eg : " (last bid - last ask) / 2 "