List of all assets and advanced search tool

Actually is really hard to find interesting assets through the search bar included on the DEX.

This because the search bar gives back only few assets as result.

In fact, when you type a letter, the search bar doesn’t returns all tokens starting with that letter but only really few assets.

Let’s do some example:

  • if you type just “c”, 9 tokens are shown. But there are probably one thousand tokens starting with the “c” letter.

If you are lucky to be in one of those 9 tokens, good for you. But the others?

Let’s see more examples:

  • EBEAR requires just 2 letters: typing EB you’ll see the token.
  • XPAND requires at least 3 letters, thus you will see the token only if you type at least XPA.
    No chances to see it if you type just X or XP. The same for ROAR and UBEAR assets.

However, we can consider these assets “lucky” because in some cases it’s almost impossible to make visible our coins.

  • If you want to see cryptogram you have to type at least cryptogr… 8 letters!

For these reason I suggest to add a list of all existing assets in a specific folder (assets or a new folder near leasing) and allow users to refine the search through an advanced search tool by setting further filters, i.e. show only assets:

  • starting with a specific letter
  • with daily volume > 0
  • with total supply < 100,000,000
  • with a value > 0.003 Waves
  • created more than 3 months ago

Согласен, дополнительные фильтры необходимы

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Хорошая идея!. :+1::ok_hand:

Please make this happen! I have been saying this for a while. If a token isn’t on the list alphabetically it devalues the whole system. In one way it’s like saying these tokens are not important & if you don’t know about it good luck finding it. Also I think tokens should appear organically in on the DEX list of assets based on volume, as they do on Bittrex for example. The top volume tokens are listed first & down the line. Traders can investigate tokens that are actually being used on the DEX & would be more likely to add them to their portfolio. As it is now you have to pretty much know the name of an asset to find it.

trading volume is not a criterion for the quality of a token. it is convenient only for scammers to cheat up

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I hear what you are saying. It is true people could create false volumes, but, every major exchange lists tokens by volume & for good reason. Sometimes I look at the low volume coins on Bittrex, for example, to find potential bargains & when a token has crazy high volume, sometimes I jump in for a quick pump. Volume is an indicator that at least the token is being traded, if only by it’s issuers, at least it’s not one of the 20000 waves tokens with zero daily volume that you will have to search through one letter at a time to find your coin…

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more correctly take the mean
which consists of two parameters:

  1. trading volume
  2. the number of completed orders.
    it’s fairer.
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Great idea and also thanks for making me resourceful regarding PANDA, & ROAR Token

Sounds good. It would be really great if we could search by either.
I just really believe that people would be more into waves if they could see & search the active tokens more easily.

it is called

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