List transactions

is there any way to list all historic transactions (Sent/received/exchanged … ) in the desktop client at the transactions tab.
All i can see there are the recent transactions.

In the previous waves lite client it was possible to list all of them.
I can imagine that this maybe causes a lot of load on the waves node,
but this is a feature that is really important.
Is there a way or tool to create a csv file with all transactions / exchange buy and sells.
I could also set up a waves full node to avoid any high load of public full nodes.

best regards

Hello, Mehsoy!
Both in web and desktop clients there is an option to show last 1 thousand transactions, maybe it wont help you, but in most of the cases it is enough. Also there is a button to export a CSV file with your transactions.

that would indeed be enough for my case,
but some these tabs are empty.

Or they do not show everything.
Is this a bug ?

What tabs do you mean ? It would be helpful if you can show me some screenshots

I can only see the recent transactions.
I also tried to remove my private folder and reinstalled the desktop client.
It is pretty strange that i can also see the bahavior in the wbe client.

i think i know whats gong on there. I did not made any transactions myself lately.
And after receiving over 1000 spam transactions and so i cant see any of my own transactions.

This is very uncomfortable.
Is there any tool to use the api to create suc ha nice csv output like from the desktop client?

using the api creates just a json output which is hard to understand.

I have not received it.
Here my wave address