Lost funds after waves dex migration to waves.exchange

well i just ave the seed keys,the waves where offered 3 years ago and since i never manipulated them,i just tried to import this seed key i have still on the outdated android app into waves.exchange ,and it imported without any problems,but amount 0,means they where maybe stolen… how,i don t know…

but curiously when u need to buy assets or other token(receive),you share the seed key to receive these currencies,so basically any platform could get your seed keys and manipulate them,sorry if i am mistaken …

If you imported you can see if someone has moved your funds.

When you buy assets you don’t share anything.
When you need to receive assets you don’t share your seed, you share your public address!

I think the main problem is that you have a little confused ideas about these terms:

  • seed phrase
  • private keys
  • public address

I hope this article can help you understand more:

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thanks for all these details,so finally what i have is not the private key but the encoded seed

just to finish,i found the encoded words and could recover, i realise now that in case of missing the words you can not recover with the encoded seed phrase…

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Hi there, I am in the same situation. Transffered my WAVES from exchange into wavesplatform. So knowing my username/email, exact amount of WAVES as well as address of my WAVES wallet. But due to migration, I am unable to get there. Any idea please ?

How is it possible to recall back to my waves address from where I sent it out ?
Thank you

You’d better talk to online support of waves.exchange