Lost funds after waves dex migration to waves.exchange


I checked my waves wallet today and discovered it was not supported anymore.
I did the migration to the waves exchange and recovered my account by using my private key.
But my balance is zero, I lost my funds.
Please advise.

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Most likely you created a different address by entering wrong key

hello,could you recover?,same happened to me while inserting my encoded seed to migrate to waves.exchange and my balance is now zero…

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Your encoded seed is just Base58-encoded version of plain text seed phrase. You can use any online Base58 decoder utility like https://www.browserling.com/tools/base58-decode and paste your encoded seed there. It should show you the most of your plain text seed phrase, with last word being corrupt (in the case you truncated the ending of your original encoded seed). All you need to do is find out the last word. If you truncated the beginning of encoded seed, you will need much-much more work

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is it possible you contact me anywhere,because i really need your help,thank you

Never share your seed or insert it in unofficial websites if you don’t want to risk all your funds being stolen…

You can import from your encoded seed directly on Waves.Exchange

I tried experimenting a bit myself by encoding/decoding this text and result is not very promising.
For example, the text above being encoded, gives eM4JsfbMd5biJLMtwFWEJ4oyYtUzAYobBAngvJSfmeRoam2YqpTcVBYbC3C7SCPo49mDmiDejbEzcaXko9yeHjvxFbn5M1YrrJP6e4AFqD5c7KTT6ZCXKsXrqgZ7i6mPPjyov6h
If you delete just one first character, it decodes to:
��@�����Csp��SwBΊ����5��\7X8?w��-��;f�Z��2R��h4 very promising.

So unfortunately, if you saved your encoded seed incompletely, it will be very hard to recover the wallet

hello i imported it correctly like these but unfortunately my balance is now 0…

hello, i have imported the full length,i am 100% sure i did not miss any number or letter,i have picture of seed and also wrote it down,i used to take a look on the waves android app(app that doesn t work anymore)could something happen on this app maybe?

Do you have waves address where you believe there were your funds?

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Are you sure you have imported the right wallet address?

Can you share your public address? Or check your transaction history for unauthorized withdrawals…

it was on wavesplatform.com and waves android app, and yes i have seed key,(but wavesplatform.com doesn t work anymore so i can t have the waves adress) and so does the android app i barely looked on the status of these apps,i recently opened my older smartphone and looked after these waves that i nearly have forgotten after a year,i can attach pictures of the old android app or whatever, other informations,my account was created from this download in the past https://wavesplatform.com/downloads.html

is the seed key the adress? the one i used when i migrated to exchange?

The seed converts to private key which converts to public key which converts to address

ok so do you want i share the seed key?

No. NEVER SHARE your SEED phrase, encoded SEED or PRIVATE key.
If you share them, anyone would steel your funds.

Instead, it is completely safe to share your PUBLIC address (that one starting with 3P…) if you still remember it. So that we can check if someone has moved your funds.

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hello,unfortunately this one i do not remember it…

is it maybe possible someone have the old wavesplatform installer and send it to me, so i could re install and with my user and pass maybe get these infos back?

up :please ,i think this may be a good solution to ry to recover with old .exe,nearly two years and half i didn t open these apps and i never knew these waves would rise… will be a big loss …

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You should understand that your wallet has nothing to do with application or .exe file, nor passwords or pin codes. Wallet is a record in the blockchain and the only way to get to your funds is recovering your seed phrase or private key. You can also try to recall your waves address if you know date and approximate time of your transactions and approximate amounts