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75% of Coins are on Sales we keep a 25% to pay investors and growth of network through website development, staking, & crypto domain acquisition.

MACRO Tokens [MACRO] are a fiat, crypto, & digital asset backed stablecoin developed as a solution to increase the processing speed, delivery rate of bitcoins & other slower blockchains. We offer liquidity, transparency, & secure investment solutions. Giving people a chance to BUILD WEALTH. Macro Tokens are pegged at and around $0.015-0.025 USD eliminating the volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies like BTC,ETH, BCH, etc. There will be only be 100 Billion Macro Token Issued & Every Month we will take 5 - 500 million out of Circulation for the 1st 5 Years to increase profitability for our stake holders. Anti Inflation system build into the framework. MACRO offer Crypto Credit, Crypto Investing, Crypto Lottery System, Crypro Games, Blockchain Education Loans, & Soon Crypto Business Loans MACRO INNOVATING BLOCKCHAIN BANKING.

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