Making POW cult (spam) outblendable

I got unvoluntarily spammed with bitcoin on my waves account. with a micro amount, bitcoin miner cult, does everything to defend the attention they have. since many people dont support the energywasting nature of Bitcoin, i ask the developers here to make Bitcoin as well as Bitcoin Cash ZEC and Dash, (all POW sects) potentially also outblendable so they cant spam the waves dex accounts.

i also add a picture of my problem


I think they won’t aggree since bitcoin is one of the main pair in trading, Bitcoin cannot be considered spam,

jes it is spam in this case, when the bitcoin minercult spams accounts with microamounts of bitcoins so they all have everytime they look in their portfolio to look at 0.00000000000012 BTC like i do now. it is spam and it is not funny.

although Btc has 8 decimal only unlike what you said,

But i wanna see how they response to this, Making opt-in and out in Portfolio like the rest of Waves Asset!

Sell your cryptogram and you wont receive it anymore.
Cryptogram is sending this.

its not possible to sell it.

it is, and if it isnt, then burn cryptogram, possible with each asset

i still got spammed, the waves team shout enable a spam protection option for all token, not just those created at waves. also for the disgusting pow cults, and their electricity wasting scam/propaganda coins

still bitcoin is disgusting, and i feel offended by it.

a token wasting the electricity of bangladesh (200 million people)

a currency that needs for 1 single transaction as much electricity as an entire family household in a week.

i would like to blend out that trash

Its a free blockchain. I dont think you know how blockchain works.
Also btc is an official supported asset on waves.
Also just sell or burn cryptogram and done.

its still highly controversial and they shouldn’t have the power to penetrate a spam filter

just like that.

I think this issue was ignored by wavesplatform since the start and nobody supported your rant against BTC,

Btc is not a spam asset, its an official asset.

Waves team can’t block transactions. And they ofc wont hide real crypto assets.





official asset?

what does official mean?

chosen by waves developers to have privileged rights of spamming the accounts?

there was never an official recognition of bitcoin by the “united nations”

its a spam asset, and its official status is being enforced. would be good if you would learn to adapt some neutrality, so people dont have to live with bitcoin spam.

an official asset is an asset not made to scam, general adopted.
The devs dont send those transactions.

If united nations need to reconize bitcoin before anyone can use it, its not even crypto worthy anymore, in my opinion.

Anyway, I wont rpely to this topic anymore.
Goodluck in removed BTC

i dont want it removed i want to be able to also hide it like any other token, so the bitcoin cult doesnt has privileged rights to spam waves wallets with microtransactions

If I am not wrong u can hide any asset u want, no?
There is an eye symbol thing

not for bitcoin i showed in picture of this topic at the beginning

with whom? me or turtle?