Mare Project

Hi all !
We continue with the MareProject, this time we have chosen the waves protocol to take our steps on blockchain. The objective is to continue with this project, our two main objectives are that of DeFi for the entire Nautical ecosystem (companies, crew, hiring) and a decentralized system for the management of all onboard systems (IOT maintenance, construction, transportation , merchandise, positioning, etc.)
We have raised enough funds in this project to continue growing, where many companies and crew have shown their interest.

Name :Mare
Total Supply : 100 000 000

Today we have a meeting with a yacht shipyard in the area , our mission is to continue growing and raising funds.
Part of the team is teaching to the crew of the boats about wallets and keys.
We continue working in this amazing industry!

There is a problem in the industry that we must solve. The maintenance or construction data ends up being lost, and they are not recorded in any book. I think that keeping a record on the blockchain is essential. We work on it.

Reaching out to our community is important to us. Also that companies can transact with Mare. We are working on the Airdrop but first we want the companies that financed us to receive their tokens

We continue to advance in our community. We are determined to grow in our industry, for this we have agreed to make a first Airdrop.
Thanks for following us!

MareProject raised a great amount of capital via crowdfunding in the 1st Quarter of 2020 . Part of initial supply will be blocked for initial investors and contributors. Exact number will be posted in the coming days…

More than 1000 new accounts have been created for the airdrop. The majority by our collaborators in the nautical industry. We continue teaching about Waves, about Mare and about Blockchain.