MarketCap Website Widget For Any Waves Token?

Is it possible to create a simple HTML website widget that can be used to show the market cap of any waves token?

I would like to monitor the market caps of my assets easily and quickly on a custom webpage. I think this feature would benefit the community a lot! Allowing the market caps of WAVES tokens to be shared easily on the web, similar to coinmarketcaps widget feature. It could very well lead to more exposure from all sorts of players in the market!

Any help would be much appreciated!


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marketcap is “marketprice*amount of token in total”

since you can get our the marketprice as a number from waves dex you have to just multiply it and then you have marketcap so thats easy


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Thank you so much for your response!
Any and all help on this widget is much appreciated!

I do understand how to calculate market cap, that is the system that I have been using. I am now looking to automate the entire process. My question was in regards to a live website widget written in JAVA or HTML. I want to monitor and watch the market cap of WAVES assets live, without the need of calculating it myself. The JAVA or HTML code would do this. I believe the data can be fetched from this website .

The widget would work by fetching the latest price from a specific token, then multiplying that number by the total amount of said tokens, and displaying that value live. There may be the need to calculate a WAVES/USD conversion as well to be able to show the market cap in USD.

I believe that a 100%, always live marketcap tracker that you can place on a website/blog that can automatically calculate/show the live marketcap of any WAVES based token will be very beneficial to the community and gaining exposure throughout the web among traders!

If there are any developers out there who could help me out with this that would be great!
Thank you!

I read today in Android wallet something about

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