Marketing idea: make an Waves invoice lottery

So now that the client has an invoice feature maybe its an idea to let the community create an invoice (say 10 waves) and submit it. Then use a lottery to select winners. I think its a good way to make people aware of the userfriendly client and is a lot easier than doing airdrops with lots of rules attached.

Lotery’s are risky businesses and are very hard with local laws. Belgium for example it’s forbidden to organise them without donating to a charity.

You can never comply with every local law. It’s a give-away sincne people do not put in Waves / money themselves.

Maybe you can also use this forum for it to attract more people and make people aware of this forum. :slight_smile:

We definately need more people here :smiley:

I can make a quick analyze with looking into coin community :slight_smile: . If coin holder waste their time mostly on telegram, discord, slack … instead of forum, reddit. That means most of holder looking for something hype to get lambo. If forum culture take the lead of community interaction, that means community intersting in innovation, technology and development which are the boost of coin hype. I am afraid %99,9 of the waves community only interest with hype. We don’t have enough indepentend developers. :frowning:

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with this terrible price action waves holders are lucky to afford a hamburger let alone a car or god forbid a lambo. Somebody tell Sasha to kcik some of them hundred millionm$ of BTC back into the pie. This price crash is a fucking tragedy

Try contacting the CEO of bitcoin first. This is terrible.

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Governments can not control Blockchain Waves!