Minimum qty Transfer

Is there a minimum amount on the quantity of a token that can be transferred? Can i do a 0 quantity transfer and submit a transaction? I would like the description field to be on the block-chain but do not want to transfer any tokens/wavelets etc.


if you just want to put data on the blockchain, just use Data Transaction

We could do that but it has a 1 wave fee. If it’s possible to do a 0 amount transaction through the normal transfer process then the fee is only 0.01 waves.
Our platform will be generating thousands of transactions

No, a 0 transfer is not possible
Also it can only have 140(correct me if I am wrong) encoded chars


Sending 0.00 token is impossible even just using the data only!
At least send 0.00000001 redfish then it would work
with TX fee 0.001 waves.

It cannot be zero in the amount!

So send the least number of token if you want to send any transaction!

And he can pay almost 50% less if he uses Mass Transfer.

The transaction fee depended on the number of recipients and calculated using the following formula:
0.001 + 0.0005 * Number of recipients.

Angry_Panda_ROAR, this is what he wanted,

I know.

He can’t do a 0 transfer, but he can transfer 0.00000001 each transaction and pay less in fees through mass transfer.

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This topic should be solve

Thanks for the clarification and suggestion to consider a tiny amount as the transaction or to transfer the actual balance.

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