More stable coins

It would be nice to have more stable coins. Maybe ETH based coins like USDC,GUSD, DAI or PAX but I am not sure it is possible or not.

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You may find interesting a similar solution offered by XPAND, a sponsored Waves-based token that allows a 10% price fluctuation pegged to USD.

You can also find more info about the project Angry Panda and its tokens on this forum.

Why do you need more? You have a variety to choose from

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Thx, but my main idea is to make deposits of stable coins from other exchanges, or local wallets to waves platform.

Because there will be a lot of oppurtunities with TUSD, USDC, DAI, GUSD, PAX, etc deposit/witdrawal options to/from Waves Platform. This will definitely increase the volume and I believe it will bring more price stability across other markets…

But wouldn’t this action overload the market with stable coins?

There can be stable coins pegged to cryptocurrencies but I’m not sure there is such a need

Got you but I don’t understand how it can influence price stability