Mushroom Growth Investment Vehicle MGIV

MGIV stands for Mushroom Growth Investment Vehicle 160,000 will be sold to raise capital for growing and selling mushroom to restaurants and farmers markets, 160,000 out of 400,000 will be sold representing 40% share of the total profit after expense of materials, any tokens bought back reduces the share in dividends for profit. dividends will be paid out twice a year only when turning a significant profit and return and when operations are running smooth

the plan is to acquire equipment for a good operation that consistently produces mushrooms for Restaurants, farmers markets, open markets and schools, the money raised goes into purchasing a system to maintain the clean environment e. sterilisation systems, gloves, boots, bags, sawdust, straw, mushroom pellets, marketing with a goal of running a operation to grow high quality sustainable mushrooms for a high profit, when researching the business model on the net, one woman nets 50% profit from her business, which is a higher return therefore this is not a get rich quick scheme but a one to two year hold while we gain the investment needed to implement the system, the will be a marketing agenda to sell the token that will be offline and we also left a e-mail, that has a password discrepancy inside the the token contract due to the e-mail having a password discrepancy and recovery problems, we cannot answer your e-mails but any questions we will answer inside the forum instead.

raising £50,000 will be enough to implement a system that will generate enough money and correct environment to produce 50% profit, therefore tokens are to be sold at 1.5 waves because agents will be selling the token door to door and therefore need commission as well.

160,000 will be sold at 1.5 waves and 240,000 will never be sold but kept as a representation to justify what profits will be paid in percentages. if you only own 40% by buying 160,000 then you will be paid 40% of the profits after expense when the operation is running properly, and when tokens are bought out they will be bought out with the extra 55% percent because 5% will go back into the WTIP asset.

if the waves price increases to a higher level then the price to waves will come down as we only need to raise X amount of capitol if the waves price goes down the price will go up.

we recommend if buying MGIV to hold for a at least two years, because that might be how long everything takes to start seeing prosperity.

Today i went out to promote the token, and even though nobody has yet learned how to buy the token i’m going to continue to promote door to door before expanding back onto online to build trust. we promoted both tokens and will see if anybody buys but have to continue also picked up on a random signal to print off a poster with extra instructions.

Currently you can buy MGIV for 1.50 Waves to raise enough capitol to gain marketing materials to produce enough produce to gain a decent return

Today went out and knocked door’s one objection was why don’t you try a bank, and the reason is obviously,

  1. a bank will make you loan money with interest,

  2. taking a loan creates extra risk,

  3. the timelines on loans with banks are hardly flexible.

  4. Banks cannot offer the same kind of structure and are unlikely to sell my asset on the blockchain as they have no association with the waves blockchain, therefore banks are not of relevance.

  5. Banks are greedy and highly regulated corrupt and vulnerable to fail, but also create complex agreement’s that can fleece you of everything.

  6. people who use banks in general sometimes do not even understand the structure they place them under and even some bankers who work at banks don’t understand what corruption occurs at banks. though the is education on youtube, on this information but is not widespread, therefore using a bank is a bad option,

met a-lot of nice people and some who have some prejudice or beliefs that obviously grind them, however investing into these concepts are a opportunity and total choice, everyone has a choice if they want to invest or not into these concepts. however the most arrogant might be the ones who suggest using banks as a source, because of the reasons stated above.
the last one below,

  1. i don’t have a good relationship with my bank why do you think i’m using cryptocurrency?

small i means sovereign individual, big I means corporate fiction.
that is not a error.

however everything will be paid out in cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency payment systems will be the preferred choice of payment used,
however if you wish to exchange back to fiat we will facilitate a system that does not use a personal bank, but a intermediary to exchange your cryptocurrency tokens for fiat. or provide information on how to achieve successful transfer.

MGIV will be growing mushrooms and selling 160,000 tokens on the waves blockchain and WTIP gain 5%, 40% goes back to all token holders twice per year and 40% goes back into growing the business 5% will be my wages, all numbers will be calculated twice a year and paid twice a year and stored on the blockchain over time.

the main reason not to use a bank is this grants even the poorest a opportunity to turn their small amount of money into a larger amount of money, this equally provides opportunity free to all, without high money investment muscling out lower level investors.

and creating structures not favourable in general, but bypassing these structures to create more wealth for all.

one thing to note is legal structures cost money but lawful structures are just done correct therefore do not need legal structures to operate therefore this is a lawful structure, and is supreme to legal structures and i know a-lot of people have raised money and not implemented the correct structure however raising money for mushrooms growth and selling to correct business should be a sound basis for growth.

1.50 Waves is still the price of the token to raise money for growing mushrooms 40% will be owned by the community and benefit the profits from the mushrooms sales, WTIP is creating more marketing material in a few days to get the word out, consider buying WTIP or MGIV.


Today we reached out to some call centre firms, centre is a English spelling of Canter to other parts of the world, but we reached out to call centre and attempted to find anyone who would sell our tokens for 10% of the profit, so we are looking for anyone who might run a call centre who wants 10% of the sales of the MGIV asset, anyone who can market and sell but only get’s money on a commission only. we might even change the price structure if the marketing and sales company is very good to max their potential profits.

the change in price structure will be 80,000 1.50 waves, 60,000 for 3 and 20,000 for 5 waves for MGIV token, if any marketing call centre owner is interest please contact us about selling the token in the forum below.

however currently the price structure is 160,000 for 1.50 waves.but will change for the right people.

here was a after thought a bit random you know you have them Indian e-mail scammers or Nigerian fake husband scammers, or whatever else and that’s a whole scam industry, i thought after thinking about this is what if the police caught them and said if you reform and sell these tokens as a business project then you will be able to put your skills to good use and therefore change the ways of these people forever and the lives of many more people.they would not longer be scammed and they would have a mushroom business they would partially own.

MGIV stands for mushroom growth investment vehicle

What happens is when anyone invests into the token with waves cryptocurrency,

they will own a percentage of the sales of the product the total profit,

the are 400,000 tokens and 160,000 up for sale,

currently at the price 1.5 waves,

however the right sales team is found, and they want extra profit, what we’ll do is,

scale the sales, so split 160,000 sell 80,000 at 1.5 waves, 60,000 at 3 waves and 20,000 at 5 waves which will provide extra income for any quality sales man or woman who is good at selling tokens to people with extra wealth as a investment which they can profit from, Sales people get 10% of all sales, which was factored into the price of selling the token at 1.50

i’ve obviously done a-lot of research online and only really need to raise £50,000 to £70,000, however raising more means the is a possibility to expand quicker which may make more sense as well, because then the income would be quicker and expansion would be faster therefore more quickly and likely to turn a higher profit.

however MGIV is the one, that pays 10% and i’m looking to sell the MGIV token to create a mushroom business which entitles to 40% of the total profit and pay out owners of the token twice a year with 40% of the profit, and each year use my half of the profit a extra 40% to expand into new areas of my country so every place the is a grow room the radius is close by so costs are low to transport to locations and profit is higher as a result, going to be selling the mushrooms to restaurants, farmers markets, open markets and schools,

give talks about mushrooms in schools paid for talks and tokenomics. if everything works well, i believe the is a 50% mark up on the mushrooms so yearly the profit will be 50% after the expenses, the is a wide range of profit as long as the correct facility, heating, water systems, bags, gloves, materials, straw, sawdust, spores pellets, vans and hygiene equipment has to be purchased including boots that never leave the room.

a wide range of aspects have to be in place to make everything cost effective and efficient.

that’s ultimately why. money is being raise in token form, people can buy the token and also sell the token on the market at a later date, and the price can fluctuate but as long as the business works as effectively the client will gain profit from holding the token like a dividend from the sales of mushrooms, the goal is to gain a wide range of mushrooms starting with Lions mane and Oyster mushrooms, but the main job is to sell the token right now to raise the money and any sales agent that makes sales will gain 10%,

so technically, the business project should make about £80,000 in the first year but that’s the calculations with the token sold at just 1.50 waves, if upping the amount raise by upping the token price and changing the structure more could be raised which would mean more could be produced, and also gives original early investors a profit quicker if scaled out. they would gain 40% of the £80,000, the second year would be projected £160,000 and the third £360,000 each year their pay out would increase but still be 40% but increase because of the increase and growth in sales. obviously if more money is raised the potential is higher. all the money would go back into their waves wallet as shown on the blockchain.

scaling might provide a incentive to invest, if you think you are up for the challenge,

The investment opportunity has high upside profit and very low risk if done right and is a reliable source of income for years to come, sort of like investing in ketchup, or beans, like buffet would do, but only the difference is this is on the blockchain and paid out in cryptocurrency. the project is reliable and a good return and also understandable.

Hi, here is a e-mail for the future project,

[email protected] any questions about the Mushroom growth project please e-mail here or write in.

Set up the new market on the new exchange today, 1.50 waves for 80,000, 3 waves for 60,000 tokens, and 5 waves for 20,000 the prices will not change and we will continue to search for the telesales marketers probably from a different country to shift these tokens. however buy now if interested from the forum. will call the number from France tomorrow.

Okay update we have attempted to find people who would work on commission to sell the tokens to raise money for the project, which token holders will get 40%, we have also applied to Tidex and will see if they add our token, because we have to gain exposure, also looked for people who might be able to promote approached a call centre had a few offers from people marketing, and other offers, we have also applied at venture capital firms and will see if any funding occurs, the tokens are still on sale at a fair price because the supply is low and to make a profit enough has to be raised to grow mushrooms and run a good operation. we will continue to push on, we have also contacted many brokers and call centres however the call centres seem off put by commission only, even though the only offer currently is commission only, however when the WTIP asset sells the will be a bigger media operation.

we also today sent e-mails to many brokers to see if they could sell the token, no response yet, the only one was a auto response and have had people look into selling the token, the goal stays the same no matter what.

WTIP assets who manages our token has a discord with information about the sale of the token here you can join the discord here and ask questions. recently we’ve reached out to Dex developers and applied to list our tokens and hopefully they will both be listed, as out reach has to continue. when you are trying to turn your life around many won’t believe this is true and take time to believe in the opportunity before them, the are many who label people before they are given a chance, and many who do not believe to begin with and many will believe to late.

Ever want to prove you can do something and never be given a chance to prove opportunity’s are real, ever feel like a complete underdog total underdog, that’s what we are, and right now not going to give up ever we will continue writing here, and promoting our tokens till capital is raise to create these two projects MGIV and WTIP. and then more in the future.

attempting to say here when you want to do something epic in the world and you have to find some people to believe in what you are doing, and feels like you are talking to brick walls, and hope you are not, and looking for a significant and swift action to make something happen, that’s where i’m at, trying to make significant and swift action happen with results that seem like talking to a brick wall…you wanna do something epic and believe this can be done, but you are looking for the people who believe the same way.

their belief in this case comes in their parting of their money for a token a limited supply token of 100,000 or the other limited supply token of 400,000 with only 160,000 and they will exchange the token and believe that the first two projects will go off success and then any other idea that comes after will produce similar results, every idea i’ve ever had can be achieved, and therefore a lowest risk is now, because the lowest entry point is right now, and therefore cannot be any lower and therefore the biggest believer must be the first biggest buyer or the best resourceful helpers, who accept the WTIP token for a belief of successfully pulling these projects off!!

If WTIP token raises more than the MGIV token we may use some of the tokens funds from say WTIP to fund the MGIV project, if not all the MGIV tokens sell right away and WTIP takes off quicker we may use a portion to use for the MGIV project till people get confidence in the MGIV project, WTIP is a different project but under the same banner. Also doing this can reduce expenses and increase reinvestment because of the structure of WTIP is different to MGIV. so if MGIV does not sell quickly and WTIP sells faster, then WTIP will fund the MGIV project which would free up cash. but no MGIV token sales will go towards WTIP, because that is a different project, WTIP is a buy back project which enables flexibility, whereas MGIV is a stricter project pay on the percentage you hold of the profit project, WTIP is buy back coins and burn with a flexible percentage.

If some MGIV tokens don’t get sold and the money from the project starts turning over higher than expected, then we will not sell the tokens that would of originally be sold, instead we will keep the percent to our self so the total percentage of payout to holder will be reduced overall therefore keeping more money aside for growth.

Also that’s why using some sales from WTIP would be beneficial to both projects in the long run, if we don’t sell as many MGIV that will reduce the profits to be paid to holders and save to reinvest which would increase growth quicker and make payments higher overall for token holders.

So far a lack of buy orders happens to be very disappointing, however that’s no reason to quit.