My idea .. staked 20% of daily reward nodes

I apologize in advance for spelling mistakes in the sentences, this text was translated using google translate :pray:

Turn 20% of the revenue of the nodes into a stablecoin with high apy and staked them,

In return, pay interest on staked of Stablecoins to owners of the nodes.

Whenever price of waves drops by 50% from the last ATH, convert collected stablecoin tokens to waves tokens.

When price of waves experiences a 230% increase, return 40% of the total waves tokens purchased to the nodes owners.

staked rest of the purchased waves tokens (60% of total tokens purchased) and pay staked tokens income to the node owners

Perform the steps from the beginning …

To make this idea clearer: Suppose the price of waves is $10 at the beginning of process.
20% of daily income of the nodes is converted into a stablecoin with high apy, after which staked interest of the stablecoins is paid to owners of the nodes.

For example, it takes 140 days for waves price to reach $63 and then it takes about 57 days for waves price to reach $ 31.5 (equivalent to a 50% reduction in price for $63 β†’ last ATH ),

At this time, canceled stake stablecoins and waves tokens are purchased through them.

How to do it is simple, a programming line replaces the last ATH with the previous ATH, for example, when price goes from $10 to $20, Variable value is 20,

With a fluctuation, price it reaches $17, and after a while price increases to $ 23, and variable value changes from 20 to 23, and this trend continues until 63 which is last ATH in this example.

then, when waves token price reaches $31.5, a algorithm detects a 50% price reduction over the last ATH ( $63 ), and canceling automatically stake stablecoin tokens , at the same time, waves tokens are purchased through the collected stablecoins,

Now we assume that from the time idea is implemented until price of waves tokens reaches 50% ATH (for example, 197 days until the last ATH is reached and 57 days until waves tokens are reduced by 50% compared to the last ATH) about 700,000 tokens waves will be awarded to the owners of reward node,
20% of this amount is equivalent to 140,000 Waves tokens, and for example we assume that 392,000 USDT tokens have been collected from daily conversion of these tokens into stablecoin tokens (on average 28 USDT per 1 waves tokens) ,

With this USDT amount you can buy about 124,440 waves token for $31.5, such a purchase can slow down the process of reducing price of waves tokens in the market,

After the price of waves rises from $31.5 ( price of waves when purchased with Stablecoin ) by 230% (for example, 120 days later) and reaches the new ATH ($72.45), 40% of the purchased waves tokens will be returned to the node owners ,
and the rest of the tokens will be leased and staked interest will be paid to the node owners.

In this case, the owners of nodes will receive about 49,776 waves tokens ( price of each token is $72.45 ) and about 74,664 waves tokens will be locked as stake .

After this process, algorithm is run again and for example in the next ATH price of waves tokens is equal to 142 dollars,

And we assume that by the time the prices are reduced by 50% ($71) compared to the last ATH ($142), the owners of nodes earned 500,000 waves tokens
And with 20% of those rewards (that is, 100,000 waves tokens), 11 million USDT stablecoins have been purchased (on average $110 USDT per WAVES token).

In the next step, with this amount of USDT, about 154929 waves tokens will be purchased for $71, and after a 230% increase in the price of Waves ($163.3), 40% of the total tokens ( 49776 tokens already + 154929 new tokens ) purchased will be paid to node owners (81882 waves tokens), and 60% of tokens are still staked and lock (122823 waves tokens)

… Likewise, this trend continues until the total staked tokens reach 15% (for example 15 million waves token) of the total amount of Waves tokens.

Once the leased tokens reach this amount, the waves team can decide for 60% of the total staked tokens (can burn them, critique to advance project goals, reward node owners, and more …) or the community to decide by voting
And with the remaining 40% of the tokens, steps are repeated

Advantages of the idea:

When the price of waves tokens reaches half of its last ATH, the rate of price reduction will slow down due to the purchase of new tokens with the collected stablecoins.

Locking 20% daily reward of nodes, reduces the market supply, and this is useful for increasing the prices and thus increasing locked capital of the nodes.

Node owners, except for the first stage of idea implementation, will receive more profit than what they have paid in each stage (20% of their income) in the rest of the stages. (at the time of the start of new ATHs) And this profit is apart from the share received from staked stablecoin!!

After each stage of the implementation of the idea, more tokens are locked and leased, which increases the efficiency of the network, and also prevents a large and rapid decrease in prices after each ATH.


Node owners have to wait a long time to get back 20% of their holdings, although at the end of each phase the price of the tokens they get is much higher.

This idea not only takes 20% of the profits of the tokens of the node owners hostage, but also 20% of the profits of the tokens of those who leased their tokens to the nodes!! (However, like the owners of the nodes, they share in the profits from staked stablecoins), Unless only the profit of the node owners is used during the implementation of the idea, in which case the amount of tokens purchased at each stage will be very small, and the idea will not be worth implementing, because it will not create a great advantage in controlling the market. And the success factor of the idea depends on the use of a lot of capital…