My token disappeared off testnet? :-|

Was there an update to testnet that purged some old transactions (smart assets maybe)?

I created an asset on testnet for development, I still have the token in the testnet account, but the creating transaction doesn’t show up in testnet explorer and pywaves Asset() reports it’s not created. :expressionless:

When your asset was created? From time to time there are rollbacks on Testnet.

6 January @ 16:30 - ahh, no worries then. I’ll just regenerate the asset - that really confused me. I spent an hour debugging pywaves before just checking the REST call and seeing it wasn’t there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh - same thing. Asset creation on testnet appears broken - it’s easy to duplicate. If you make an asset, the asset ID is the transaction ID. The asset and the transaction are unfindable on the testnet block explorer and the pywaves API (which is going to even in testnet mode? - that seems wrong) reports unissued asset. The block itself is recorded - see this block:

If you search for the asset ID - you get nothing.

I’m just gonna switch to livenet and burn some ether for development I guess - need to switch projects for a few days though.

Looks like incorrect URL of TestNet nodes. The correct one is