Need symbol for token

I am working with a developer to help build a gateway for my token. He said I am missing a “symbol” so he can’t pull the information he needs. Where do I add this symbol?missing%20symbol

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What info does he need that he can’t get with an asset id?
An asset id is the thing you would verify code on, especially when it’s about gateway code. A asset id is always unique, all other things aren’t.

To where/how will the gateway work?

This is the response when I asked about your first question…

We’re trying to use the rest API to CURL for the current exchange rate (or bid value) on Eth to Waves and Waves to Nootropicoin

This is the link he sent.


we need the equivalent API call to get the current trade value of Nootropicoin but it won’t return anything (or I’m not calling it right)

Use your assetId, not your token name.
Yes you won’t be in the symbols list, but yes u can still use the api by using your assetid

Hi. I also made thegreatcoin,how to make symbol?

You can’t
Waves assets have a name and a asset id.
The symbol is something artificial provided by third party

Hello sir. I just want to come to this for a second…
I attached a pic for reference.
To be clear, I see the pairs:

Notropicoin (/USD)

I would like my Nootropicoin token to be NTC/USD, but if I am understanding correctly, that can’t be done.


Correctly. This can only be done by editing all api’s etc by yourself and won’t be in the global wallet available.

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I am new here…

why did you removed the ETH/USD pair in the trading dashboard
Please allow again the cross trading among different tokens. Thank you

The ETH/USD pair is there…


symbols or token logo would be a great addition to this plattform i am also asking about the implementation of that.

this is not good, if we are Trading with Full Token name, how would be look like if we were trading Bitcoin/USDT or Ethereum/USDT ,

can we not make abbreviation of our Token?

this is about implementing logo’s for waves plattform based digital assets, currently we get a collored dot with a white letter (first letter of the name of the digital asset) what people want is basically a form of logo so if that asset is on a waves wallet it also shows its logo, like for bitcoin etc.

i know that but we need Symbol, that abbreviation thing!

So have you add symbol? if yes how? can you share with us?

No, I do not have a symbol. I need to use the entire token name. To be safe, you should use your asset ID as the token names are not unique and may confused with another token of the same name.