- Cryptocurrency Exchange Open (Support for Waves Tokens) is a new cryptocurrency exchange that supports waves tokens just launched!

Nessie is owned and operated by Monster Byte ( Monster Byte completed a Waves-based ICO in 2017 and have had issues getting our token listed onto other exchanges like Tidex, so we went ahead and created our own exchange! We are a trusted leader in the crypto-gaming space, having handled over 40,000 btc in bets over the past several years. Over the last 3 reporting quarters, we have returned nearly $100,000 in dividends to MBI waves-token holders.

Nessie is supported by a team consisting of over a dozen members, spread across engineering, marketing, and leadership verticals.


  • Mobile friendly
  • Support for Waves and ERC20 tokens
  • Trading discounts for MBI holders
  • Seamless access to digital wallet & gaming services
  • 2FA
  • Stability: the Monster Byte team has built and deployed over 20 different scalable B2C & B2B products since 2013. Our software supports all devices and multiple languages.

If you have a token that you are looking to gain both liquidity, as well as gaming utility, please fill out our simple intake form and someone will be with you in a few days: