- Exchange with Gaming Services - Waves Tokens Supported

Monster Byte launched a successful Waves-based ICO last summer, raising nearly US $1M US in a record sell-out. Since then, we’ve paid out over $100,000 back in dividends over the past 3 reporting periods and are growing at rapid pace!

I wanted to share some information on, which is a new and unique Exchange that allows for access to liquidity on the Exchange and Seamless Access to Digital Wallet & Gaming Services provided by Monster Byte. (Nessie is a Monster Byte product)

We are now going to start leveraging Monster Byte tokens (from our ICO last year) as a unit of utility and payment for listing fees onto the exchange (similar to how Binance operates). To help kickstart marketing, liquidity, and operations of the exchange, the principals of Monster Byte are selling a small number of their reserved tokens from last years’ ICO over the counter (OTC) to interested (and qualified) investors.

I implore anyone interested to reach out to me directly, or you can purchase directly via the Waves DEX and the website (under Buy MBI)

More info about Monster Byte can be found on their blog: