[New article] Blockchain Updates – what is it and how to use


I decided to start a new type of activity on the forum – article discussions. We as developer advocates at Waves Association write many articles about Waves technologies and latest releases, but we also sometimes write "How to"s. This time I’d like to write a “How to” about Blockchain Updates node extension and I would be happy to get your feedback on what to cover in the article.

The main outline is pretty simple:

  1. What is the Blockchain Updates node extension.
    As some of you may noticed, the gRPC extension of the node now contains a functionality called Blockchain updates, which allows to subscribe in the blockchain and get notifications when different types of events happen. For example, you can subscribe to all events about your address and send a message in Telegram every time when any transaction from/to your account is performed

  2. How Blockchain Updates work and what is gRPC
    Some developers have experience with gRPC, but some don’t. In this part, I’d like to cover what is gRPC and how to use it in the node.js environment (with JavaScript/TypeScript).

  3. Notifications handling example
    As an example, I think about implementing a Telegram bot that will notify about all transactions on the Netruino Smart Contract, including all possible rollbacks.


  1. Are there are specific questions you’d like to get answers about?
  2. Is TypeScript/JavaScript enough or maybe there are people who want to see more examples using other languages/runtimes?
  3. Are there are real-world problems/examples I can solve in the articles? Maybe I can directly implement someone’s task and kill two birds with one stone?

I’m also open to any ideas and recommendations about the format (maybe you want to see a video too?)


Hi Inal, i just made one in nodeJs to cache SIGN Art dapp data into a postgres db using the gRPC Blockchain Update extension. Still cleaning it up but it works so far, it handle blocks/microblocks rollback but that was the difficult part where i would like to see others approach too to see if im ok or can do it better especially for dApp with DeleteEntry.

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