New Cryptolandy

Cryptolandy burns all the Waves tokens. All those who purchased Cryptolandy tokens can exchange them for an ERC20 CRYPL token, instructions on the site

. Here my wave address 3P4LFwZtfnufUr8Max1g6NizeYipcxss7w9 Thanks

sorry but there are no cryptolandy tokens on 3P4LFwZtfnufUr8Max1g6NizeYipcxss7w9 address =)

I have not received the token to my walet here.
Here my wave address 3P4LFwZtfnufUr8Max1g6NizeYipcxss7w9 Thanks


in order to get a cryptolandy tokens, you need to buy it in DEX waves, after that we will exchange it for you with ERC20 Ethereum token CRYPL =)


3P2NZffGcbmiaeSofjPYZGYJH8eysWR7AK6 this account is not listed here :

Very good project.3PGeXVMYwJmjihcRNAzwYgFDQqgdNGJegws

Thank you, you can buy Cryptolandy tokens residues for waves and exchange them for ERC20 CRYPL =)

good project,nice

We’ve created the world’s first Agro crypto. We have created crypto that reverses climate change.
Every token plants are tree. This crypto is perfect for EarthMonth. We find land that has been overexploited and we teach farmers how to replenish the land how to rotate crops and together we plant climate change trees with agricultural farming crops. together to create sustainable forests that provide climate change trees to get rid of greenhouse gases, economic stability for generational farmers, and a way to continuously monitor and maintain individual trees through satellite imagery and field monitoring for each tree. We maximize our carbon offsets that way.
All the information is on the website . I would love for you to create a good article that:

  1. tugs at the heartstrings of people about climate change and how serious it is,
  2. Greencrypto (like stellar) that does not use mining and so is 99.995% more energy efficient than Bitcoin and Ethereum and those older crypto technologies
  3. every token plants a tree,
  4. it’s a way to create social awareness,
  5. it’s a way to participate in the metaverse and decentralized technology - the finance of the future.

The waterfall model is another popular model, although some have criticized it for being rigid. The waterfall method essentially begins the software development process after requirements have been defined. Testing is done only after the design phase. This can result in waste and rework. However, waterfall methods are a good choice for smaller projects that are well defined and stable. Moreover, they can be reusable and can be used more quickly

I’m new to cryptolandy will try and check his website soon.

I again returned with appreciation, cryptolandy is so good website. All thread readers check here.