New node. Payout config

Hello. Just started a new node. Its working.
Do I need to additionally config it to make it give rewards to leasers?

I have a leaser who shared my node waves. Node is generating me MRT and waves. But the leaser don’t get rewards.

There is no automatic payouts to leasers.

Consider to read: Testing new LPoS distribution tools

Thanks. Is this guide good ?

ps. Can I apply to Community Node Programme if payout fo leasers isn’t configured.
I will configure it, but I already applied to programm

Yes, this is almost actual info. Probably what is changed since then is Java part. Just install open jdk 8.
To apply to Community Node Program your node doesn’t have to be a leasing pool

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Thanks. Have one more question. My node have in leasing 38k waves. Its running 5 days from start and generated on its balance only - 3.6 Waves and 51 MRT.
Is it normal or something wrong?

I’d say it is above average, but random is random after all