New project:, play, invest, win Waves, Free faucet is an easy to play crypto dice game that aims to provide a seamless experience and a user-friendly design.

How the game works
On each roll the outcome is randomly chosen between 0.00 and 99.99. It’s up to you to guess a target that you think the outcome will be. Use the slider to set an interval of numbers, if the outcome is within your chosen interval of numbers, you win, otherwise you lose.

Play for free
You can get free crypto throught the faucet and use it to play. Unlike other websites, if you earn or win enough money on from the faucet, you are welcome to cash out your money.

Be part of the bankroll
You can invest any currency accepted at and own a % of the bankroll. We have a 1% house edge and investors get 50% of the house wins or losses. This means a 0.5% Expected Value (EV) that is shared by the investors.

Become an affiliate
Promote in blogs and social platforms and you will receive an affiliate commission for every user that registers and plays on our site through your affiliate link.

Start playing


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