New to Waves, can’t trade!

Hey Waves community. I have a situation. I am new to Waves, and I am based in USA. I have transferred bitcoin to waves exchange in order to buy waves, but as a new person I don’t even have .0003 waves to make the trade!

I did research and found that years ago US citizens was able to buy waves with credit/debit card, as said that was years ago. I’m now stuck as I have bitcoin with the waves platform, and I can’t do a thing.

Can someone please send .0003 waves to 3P43NkGYDgZkE8FwvUJbxcG2PcpVfJRH5LY ?

I just need it to literally use my btc to buy waves! Lol


You can buy Waves with Bitcoin (WAVES / BTC) and pay fees in Waves (even if you don’t have any) or BTC.

it’s been so long since I played with crypto, I forgot about those quick swap sites, thanks!