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#What is CryptoCurrency ? :point_down:

Cryptocurrency is an electronic form of financial handling and exchange, without the intervention of a third party institution. Instead of requiring trust in β€” and payment to β€” a bank or other third party, cryptocurrency is managed peer-to-peer. It uses the collective financial self-interest of each member to ensure buying, selling, saving, and even charitable giving is safer for all. :heart_eyes:

Todoinone Token wants to bring charitable giving into the 21st century using crypto-technology. We believe faster, zero-fee charitable donations can become the new standard for supporting global causes.

Make the maximum impact through your generosity. Give with Todoinone Token .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

#Donations :moneybag:

Generosity is at the heart of Todoinone Token. Our team believes the world is made better through little acts of charity and kindness.

By creating a cryptocurrency that benefits humanitarian organizations, we hope to make it easier for anyone to make a positive difference where and when it counts.

#Why Philanthropists Use Todoinone Token? :pray:

Most electronic donations to your favorite causes are surprisingly expensive. Large transaction and maintenance fees can cost up to 25% of your total donation. Todoinone Token makes charitable giving fast and low-cost, so more money goes to the causes you care about, right when it counts.

#Why Use Todoinone Token? :game_die:

# Anonymity and Privacy
Keep your financial decisions to yourself. On the Todoinone network, anonymity and privacy are the standard.

#Active Development Team with Many Contributors
Become one of our many developers. Contribute to the evolution of Todoinone as often or infrequently as you wish. Apply your skills to any part of the code.

#Supportive Community :last_quarter_moon:
The Todoinone network is a community brought together by our shared interest in cryptocurrency and passion for supporting global causes.

#The Network is Growing :rose:
Todoinone Token is growing. With continued Coin-adoption across the world, we strive to become the new global standard in charitable giving

#Fast Contactless Transactions :mag_right:
Todoinone Token has 60 second block time speeds β€” one of the fastest of any cryptocurrency.

#Decentralized & Open-Source Currency :moneybag:
No middlemen to take a cut of your spending. Todoinone Token offers full transparency and opportunities for everyone in the network to contribute.

#Key Benefits of Todoinone Token :100:

# Masternodes :crazy_face:

Host a masternode on the Todoinone network to earn up to 70-80% of the block payout reward. Like miners, masternodes earn money by providing services to the network.

# Staking :100:

Go green while you earn money through Proof of Stake (PoS). PoS rewards users on the Todoinone network for keeping coins in their wallets instead of mining, which requires a lot more computing energy.

#Privacy :snowflake:

Enjoy privacy as you make donations to your favorite charities. Todoinone integrates the PIVX base code to enable near-instant private transactions and accountability.

#Zero Transaction Fees :bomb:

Maximize your generosity. The use of a decentralized blockchain network for charitable giving enables a zero-fee structure. That means more money from every donation goes to the actual cause.

#Transparent Giving :fire:

Full transparency is one of the key pillars of the Todoinone network. All funds are stored in a publicly visible wallet on the blockchain and every donation is announced and traceable by any member.

#Become A Partner Charity :rocket:
Blockchain technology is helpful to charities too, not just their generous supporters.

We love partnering with new organizations across the globe. Todoinone Coin uses erosion-resistant financial technology to ensure more funds from your supporters can go directly to you and your cause. And since Todoinone Coin uses green, low-energy software, we’re also investing in a healthier planet with every transaction.

Interested in becoming one of our partner charities

Team Todoinone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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