New tx type, where receiver pays tx fee

I have been wondering that maybe crypto mass adaptation would go much more smoother if by providing paying terminals it would be possible to show customer QR code with information of amount to be paid and address to send your fund to have also a secured code for this specific transaction which would indicate that seller is going to pay for transaction which would be processed.

So in order to provide such functionality we need a new method which starts with seller to request funds and counter party by indicating specific code (withing attachment? or new type of field of new transaction) would let network know that fee would be deducted from “seller” - ie party who receives funds.

With possible integration of LN-s we would get a new type of economy pretty similar as it is done now withing banking operations where companies pays for terminal usage to the banks by deducting part of sum as a banking service directly from companies accounts (in our case from payments received, which goes to network directly).

Seller could also set a fee he is willing to pay to the network (ie higher than minimal fee on the network). Also sponsoredAssets should also be used.

Hey! Thank you for your idea, but I didn’t get the main idea. Now fee is very very low, so I do not see any problem there.

Problem is not in low fee but in concept its self while providing services to community (ie u sell something and you pay for transaction costs directly, maybe your service cost not much and you are still covering for the cost). Why we possibly need that - at some point in time network will be loaded with txs and on site selling points for better and faster service would be willing to pay abit more for network services to get txs process faster and not incurring this costs to the buyer directly (ie 0.0011w). How could it sound to ask payer to pay more for the transaction if you want it faster to be processed?

it’s just an idea anyway :slight_smile: for others to see at and maybe provide additional use cases and key points which could be required implementing this transaction - ie 2 types of fees, 1 payable for the network for network transactions and second fee could be used to pay buyer directly back with “loyalty points” or use second fee to pay royalties/etc stuff directly to specific wallet (as an agreement for providing special type of services) and so on :slight_smile: