No tradable token

I looked on the forum but I didn’t find an exhaustive guide. Someone can explain to me how to create a token that can’t be traded?

You might want to do the following:

  1. Go to

  2. Press the + NEW button and choose “Asset script”

  3. Write a script that denies trading, for example something like this (you can change the script to adjust it for your needs):

match (tx)
  case tx : ExchangeTransaction => false
  case other => true
  1. Provide the network in Settings (for Mainnet: Node URL is , Network Byte is W )

  2. Connect your account: open the Accounts tab, collapse the “Account 1” ellement and paste your account seed in the “Seed” textbox.

  3. Press ISSUE TOKEN

  4. Add the required fields “name”, “description” and “quantity” to the transaction JSON (and change the values of “decimals” and “reissuable” if you need), for example:

"name": "my asset",
"description": "non tradable asset",
"quantity": 1000,
  1. Press SIGN

  2. Press SEND

Your asset has been issued. The asset’s id is the same as the Transaction’s id, so you might want to remember it.


Thanks,very accurate guide

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