Node 0.17.2 on TestNet

Hello dear developers!

We have great news for you - we’ve released Node 0.17.2 for TestNet.
It is focused on better RIDE 4 dApps developer experience.

NOTE: We changed serialization of the InvokeScript transaction, so the TestNet is rolled back to the height of the “RIDE 4 DAPPS” feature activation (549000).

What is in the release?

  • New REST API methods for debugging InvokeScript transactions (state changes and payments caused by InvokeScript)
  • Ability to point dApp by alias while calling InvokeScript
  • Ability to call default function of the dApp specifying only dApp address or alias
  • Binary operations order during script compilation changed to ones in Java
  • Serialization of invokeScriptTransaction has been changed
  • Invocation of @Callable now contains transactionId, fee, feeAssetId
  • Added assetInfo(assetId: ByteVector) function to RIDE API
  • Added lastBlock value and blockInfoByHeight(h: Int) function returning BlockInfo structure with fields height, timestamp and generationSignature

To use new RIDE 4 dApps possibilities you need:

  1. The new version of Keeper.
    We’ve already sent the new version of Keeper to all browser stores, but it will take some time for approval.
    Now you can build Keeper from the sources yourself, but we’ve prepared binaries for different browsers for you.
    Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Edge

  2. Right IDE to compile your scripts

  3. Library to work with the new version of the InvokeScript transaction
    JS library waves-transactions is available in npm.