Node Leasing Profits

What does it take to be profitable when running a waves full node? I hear so much about how bitcoin mining is a losing battle (and I know POW vs POS). But I am looking for what I need to invest to become profitable. Is it worth running a node on an old PC sitting in the corner? Should I run several on the virtual machines that sit idle most of the day in my server rack? Do I need a data center sized facility with hundreds of servers?
Thank for any info!

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Several nodes doesn’t make sense since you get more blocks if your balance is bigger, so splitting up makes no sense.
The hardware for a node is okay, a few GB ram. However you need to be 24/7 online to be a good node.

To make it profitable? You would need a few hundred k waves or even more.
Leasing % is very very low now a days, I remember something like 0.001% (not 100% sure tho)
You could use dev.pywaves to check how much a node earns daily for how many waves, calculate the returns on the balance and calculate your own investment. I won’t be perfect but it will give an average.

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Leasing could be profitable if the amount the nodes pay out is no longer 99% or 100% but like 70 % / 80 %. For now the servercosts and maintenance / paying out leasors is more than most nodes take in. Allthough the hardware requirements for a Waves node are not very heavy so it`s not a huge amount of money.

You could look at it as charity / hobby :stuck_out_tongue:

Since they did improve there code etc etc indeed the hardware was payable again.
Bringing down the % has been a huge discussion point for ages, but won’t work if the nodes in front won’t do this.
Because if node A pays 80% then people just go to the node in front of you that pays 90% or 99% or even 100%.

WGO are doing this already however and WNET also has some kind of fee structure.
However everything below those nodes still didn’t take initiative I think.

Also when you have your own project, you most likely need your own node anyway to read stuff from the blockchain.

You’re right. Fair LPOS should improve leasing rewards for most nodes. If you run a decent sized node (lets say 100k waves +) you could make money by selling other services like airdrops, faucets, bots, or in the future stuff related to smart contracts.

Thanks for the info guys. Waves seems to be pushing it pretty hard, so I thought there might be some good money in it.

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I tried leasing last week, putting 1 Waves.

Profit for 1 week:
0.00001005 WAVES
0.00191109 WDESK

Really too low, IMHO.

I hope you find these data useful :smile:

Hi. Thank you for that.
This is what it looks like moving the decimal point with a larger stake.

1 Waves.
Profit for 1 week:
0.00001005 WAVES
0.00191109 WDESK

10 Waves.
Profit for 1 week:
0.00010050 WAVES
0.01911090 WDESK

100 Waves.
Profit for 1 week:
0.00100500 WAVES
0.19110900 WDESK

1000 Waves.
Profit for 1 week:
0.01005000 WAVES
1.91109000 WDESK

10000 Waves.
Profit for 1 week:
0.10050000 WAVES
19.11090000 WDESK

WDESK is not an official waves token. It’s from wavesdesk node, you should not count this into your calculations, rather use the fee assets for it like mrt

Oh, ok. Thanks for the info.
I received it togheter with Waves and i wasn’t sure if it was also official or not.

I thought that the rates of profit were fixed, but it isn’t so.

Profit - 2nd week:
+0.00000395 Waves
+0.00377541 WavesDesk

-60% profits in Waves and double WavesDesk

I stop leasing. It’s not convenient at all :smile:

WavesDesk depends on the wavesdesk node.
The Waves depend on the leasing and tx that happened.

Now it’s clear. More tx, more profits. Right?

So to find more profitable nodes i could go check here
Or not?


No, because the bigger node the more leasers he need to share the tx with. So you basically end up with approxemately the same leasing amount. So leasing to the top nodes has few to 0 result in terms of waves returns.