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rergarding my other post on the same subject, Node matcher account fee collection

I was wondering if, in order to be allowed to collect fees for a matching node, it was necessary to have a 10K waves wallet, such an amount allowing mining ??

Thanks for informations.

1k allows mining
a matcher can work without 1k, but u would need some waves to get started

Hello, MrTurtle, thanks for your answer.

OK for the necessary amount needed for mining is 1000, I must have misread :woozy_face:

What do you mean by needing some waves for that node’s wallet, I actually have the following WAVE balance on the node’s wallet :

*** Available 0.38436965**

** * Leased 7.98809192**
** * Total 8.37246157**

Is that enough, not enough ? What is the typical requested balance for an operational matcher only node ??
Is a patially leased balance OK for matcher ?? Should I add some moore waves ? if so, how much ??

Thanks for info.

Best regards.

Do you mean matcher node as in running a matcher to complete trades if people connect and trade with your node as matcher?

Or just matcher node as in forging node

both in fact, preferentially matcher node as in forging node

I am just wondering, if I can make something with that node alone or if i need to go through leases.

I can add 6 more waves, not much, but still a little.

Forging node needs 1k forging balance, if you dont have 1k, you will need leasers, without leasers and 1k no forging

Do you mean that if I run a matcher node with under 1K waves, fees will be collected only if people connect on it as a matcher, and no peer to peer matching allocations ?

Best regards.

PS. at present time, my node’s wallet is only 14 waves full.

You are messing things up, there are 2 parts:
A forging node, to process tx => this will only gives fees according to generating amount (leased + own) and if generating is above 1k
A matcher, to match trades => this only gives fees when people use yours

OK, I understand.

Nevertheless, during that time, the node is used by users.

I was interested by the matching part, i thought there was no need for lease, but did not understand there was a need for a connection to it.

With a walletfull of 1K, thus allowing the mining, the node will neither be used for matching unless connection to it.

Why is this possibility offered then, since only the master nodes will collect fees for matching… ?


So everyone can setup there own “exchange”