Non-Fungible Tokens (ERC721 protocol)

I’m writing a whitepaper for the non-fungible asset auction application. Assuming the token generated in Waves platform is ERC20, can Waves platform generate ERC721 token as well or alternative to do the same as ERC721?


We consider adding something like this in future. By default it’s not possible, unless you are redy to pay 1 waves for a single token.

Thank you Alex. What my understanding is that it is able to create the non-fungible token ERC721. If I generate 1 million non-fungible ERC721 for my custom token, is it I only pay 1 waves?

How can I calculate the trx fee when one smart contract executed on non-fungible token?

I’m trying to understand if waves platform could generate ERC721 token to serving an auction application for arts that I’m designing. Each art item is unique and non-fungible in nature.