Noobish Question about proving ownership of a wallet

Hello, I’m not an expert programmer by any means so go easy on me.

Lets say I’m using unity 3d (C#) and I want the player to prove ownership of his private key.

After we prove he owns the address, certain assets “unlock” some game items (depending on what is in his wallet).

Which would be the easiest way to go about getting them to sign a message?

Is there any code I can look at the get me on my way?

Any info would be appreciated! Getting gamers messing with assets ASAP is good for waves.

Thank you!

If I wasn’t clear, this is what I’m talking about. I’m a big fan of Counterparty, but do not like being at the mercy of Bitcoin and high fees. I love waves and think it could take over this type of stuff.

I want to be able to add waves assets into my unity game. I’m just a little lost at the moment. Mostly on how to sign and prove ownership of the wallet. (does waves android app allow this?) Everything else I think I can figure out eventually. I think it will be great for the whole space if we can get Unity devs involved ASAP.

You have your concepts a little bit mixed up. What you want is to import an address, and you will use the wallet seed for that. This will “prove” ownership of an address.

No i certainly do not want to deal with users entering their seed phrase. All they simply need to do is sign a message from their wallet to prove they own it. Indiesquare has an APK (or at least they did) for unity that allows users to sign and prove ownership from their wallet then sends them back to the game. The game dev does not need to worry about securing the private keys or getting hacked. Waves needs a similar thing for unity. Also one that will allow people to sign through desktop game too. I think its in the works!

Yes, sure, I understand your use case now.