NooSphereum sEOS project token

Dear community members,
Let me introduce a new large-scale, science-intensive and socially-oriented IT project.

In 2019, we launched a project called NooSphereum to create the economic operating system NooSphereum sEOS. The project develops software to manage economic processes and transactions worldwide and employs decentralisation as a core principle.

We finished a feasibility study some time ago and have introduced a detailed description of the concept, which contains the scientific rationale, system design and functionality. Now the project requires the involvement of a product team, so we have started the fundraising process.

The first phase is the infrastructure for fundraising, and one of the most significant steps here is to verify the token. I kindly ask the community to vote and verify NooSphereum (ID ESyKNqhTaV9MF3VDJpZSqRtM3zsP2QhFJTCnUZyuFy3R) so we can start to raise investments.

Our project has a clear socio-economic focus and aims to improve the quality of economic management at all levels, from personal to national. It is hard to imagine a project greater in its planned transformation of the economy and society.

The author is Dmitri Rytsev (, a management consultant and author of several methodologies in the strategic management of corporations and personal strategic planning. The project is at the convergence between these two crucial processes.

We will continue to publish information about the project. You can also explore our website to understand the context better and also find the following information:

  • Whitepaper,
  • Roadmap,
  • Business model,
  • Our vision and mission,
  • Key technologies,
  • Main components and features of the system,
  • Planned allocation of tokens and use of proceeds,
  • Founders and contacts.

We look forward to your strategic decision to support the project.

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After deep work on the value that Noosphereum conveys to its clients, there is reason to believe that the project has a sustainable and difficult-to-replicate business model. You can see all the essential elements of the business model in the closed-loop value cycle diagram. We will be happy to answer questions.

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In short, we are building a distributed multi-tiered operating system for the global economy.


Impartial intelligence of NooSphereum systems optimises the economic development of continents, countries, cities, regions and people, focusing on the long-term interests of humankind. Global and local decisions and strategies are balanced and coordinated with the plans and actions of each person.


Our mission is to radically improve economic governance from the individual to the national level to achieve sustainable progress while meeting the global ecosystem constraints.

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