Notification about transactions or asset


How to get notification via API about some asset transaction close to real-time?
Or I need to pull list of the latest transactions from full node periodically?

This can be done by polling a full node, /transactions/address/{address}/limit/{limit} for example, with remembering which tx was the last one you pushed to notify.

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Do you mean, I need to poll this endpoint every second to be close to real time?
In Ethereum JS SDK there is web3.eth.subscribe() call that provides event when transaction made. May be Waves have similar features?

pblck ones made a websocket service to watch txs, but I assume this service does the polling too

That’s this one:


Thanks, w0utje, looks interesting.
WavesDataFeed uses full node to gather data.
Weird, why Waves officials not included this feature into official client libraries.

WavesDataFeed is deployed on (two servers behind this balancer) :wink:

Slava, can you recommend a way to subscribe to transaction events? Or periodic pulling is the only way to get know about new transactions? does the same thing. It polls a node each ≈100ms and sends changes to clients. But it doesn’t deal with rollbacks as far as I know…

So it depends on your case.

Thanks much, 100ms is very acceptable delay.
What is a rollback and when it occurs?