Now and in future

What projects already exist? are there any projects for the near future?:grinning:

There are lots of projects already exist and pretty much of ongoing in the near future.

Primal Base, Mobile Go and many more, here’s the statistics

and here are some projects that are going to ride on Waves from the ecosystem

Now we can see a couple of pretty strong ones in Waves Lab accelerator, they are Tradingene an Paytomat.

We want to see strong teems with good track record and experience in the field.
Here is very common description of our approach

and here are areas we are interested in for now

as well as:
decentralized social media, messenger project, stable coin project, market making funds for DEX, tokenization platform for individuals/celebrities.

1 mil waves are reserved for third-party infrastructure projects on Waves.


As a suggestion, Kodak will run Coin Offering for secure images, be in charge with these kind of companies to attract them run bussiness on WavesPlatform. We have best chain for the bussiness on blockchain :wink:

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Stable coin tied to the :heavy_dollar_sign: rate of 1 to 1, with emissions and incineration through smart contracts?

yes, something like this. But actually there are lots of options and different types of stable coins

Do we need another stable coin? USD and EUR and WTRY are already stable ones for those currency’s no?
What will we benefit from another one dollar/gold/USD pegged one?

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