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To create a balanced and sustainable platform for both growth and income in cryptocurrency investment.

About us

We believe strongly that there will be a continued and growing global move toward decentralized electronic currency and blockchain technologies in the next decade. Though the crypto market this year has shown extreme volatility, it will find its footing and eventually become well established and dependable. We seek to be innovators in this space, and lead the way in providing a stable, balanced and attractive investment platform in spite of the market’s present volatility.

Bitcoin Growth Bot seeks to create a balanced and sustainable platform for both growth and income in cryptocurrency investment.

Broadcast News

Click this link to watch our Introduction to Nucleus’ Bitcoin Growth Bot Platform video on Youtube

Those who believe in Bitcoin as the market leader and want to grow their Bitcoin position while they hold can use the Bitcoin Growth Bot automated algorithm to trade for them.

Growth Coin (Nucleus)

A crypto currency called Nucleus (NCL) a Waves CAT, created and released to market in November, 2017. Nucleus works hand-in-hand with the Bitcoin Growth Bot, an automated algorithm to trade for you to grow your Bitcoin while you are holding.

Funds are sent to the Bitcoin Growth Bot in Nucleus and returns are paid in Bitcoin. Success of the bot generates demand for the token.

The Nucleus token also offers staking rewards (ranging from 7-11% annually, compounded daily, based upon balance held in wallet). The value proposition of Nucleus is in token appreciation based on limited supply and demand for the Bitcoin Growth Bot.

Key Achievements
● 18k+ user growth in 7 weeks since launch
● Launched staking program
● Launched referral program with over 6,500 participants so far
● Built an internal exchange to make purchasing Nucleus easy and straightforward
● Our competition has largely disappeared. We are going strong with growing market demand, cash reserves, and a strong vision for growth and further development.

Income Coin (Nucleus DNA)

We have just released a second crypto currency called Nucleus DNA also a Waves CAT. Nucleus DNA generates steady income (fixed percentage dividend + percentage of profits) paid our directly to anyone holding the Nucleus DNA token in their Waves wallet.

Value Proposition

The value proposition of NDNA is primarily income and secondarily token appreciation.
● 10% annual payout of initial investment, paid daily in Bitcoin
● 20% profit sharing based on revenues generated by the service, paid monthly in Bitcoin
● Token appreciation, which is likely to happen when profits rise due to increase in Bitcoin value. Further appreciation should occur when we buy back and burn tokens with our retained profits.

Growth Roadmap

● Launch Nucleus DNA, May, 2018
● Launch BGB subscription service to allow USA and Canada customers access, 3Q 2018
● Begin Nucleus DNA daily payouts, May 15, 2018
● Begin Nucleus DNA profit sharing, June 15, 2018
● Implement token freezing bonus, as well as freeze staking rewards, Summer, 2018
● Marketing Push for Nucleus and NDNA, September, 2018 (5 months of bot history)

We have set a strong foundation for continued success and to thrive through innovation in the financial sector via blockchain technology.


Soon to be the largest and best Waves based coin! With the Dex fully integrated within the platform, BGB is poised to be the benchmark in how projects use the Dex…

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That’s correct. We have set the stage to become the largest Waves custom token by volume! This will help make a name for the Waves platform and further push adoption of one of the fastest and cheapest blockchains.

It is important to make purchasing the token as easiest as possible to help foster volume. An internal exchange however can be used to manipulate price. There is little trust in that. The solution was to fully integrate Waves Dex onto the BGB website!

Purchase window appears

Order history included

By integrating the Waves Dex onto the BGB website we have made it easier to buy and sell Nucleus (NCL) while maintaining the trust and security of a decentralized exchange.

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Any track record of the automated trading bot? Where does the bot trade? What kind of trading opportunities does it use?

btw. im getting a “very risky” notification while visiting bitcoingrowthbot(dot)io (or rather trying to visit)

BGB is secure :slight_smile:


The bot trades Bitcoin in the foreign exchange markets. So Bitcoin is transferred in and out and is used as the base account currency to trade Bitcoin in the foreign exchange market which is the largest market in the world (over 5 trillion is traded daily) and mature than the volatile cryptocurrency market.

This solution solves the problem of trading Bitcoin in a volatile environment for those who believe in and want to hold Bitcoin.

While the strategy or opportunities the algorithm uses is not shared or disclosed the bot is 100% transparent, monitored by a third party, and accessible 24/7. You can track the performance in real time using the link below.

Introducing Bitcoin Growth Bot (Medium):

Sign up:

Buy Nucleus:

Trading Bot:

Walk Though Demo for BGB Investment Platform (video):

White Paper:

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Hi. Interesting bot.
Any news? What’s your plan and strategy for the near future?

Once a month we host a video conference and share with the community all that we are working on. Right now the focus is on user growth. You can find all of the recent updates on Bitcoin Growth Bot’s Youtube channel.

Now knowing the platform is able to handle extremely high traffic, the security is air tight, and the proper support channels are in place we are ready to begin scaling. New user growth is the focus of this month’s conference.

We cover topics such as:

  • Defining our target user.
  • SEO search profile and traffic
  • How to reach the masses
  • Keys to viral growth
  • The best form of marketing
  • And our Crypto News service update

These are the steps and services we are putting into place to achieve our next goal.