Official CoffeeCoin Project Thread

CoffeeCoin - COF - On The Waves Platform

Blockchain Efficiency For The Specialty Coffee Trade

What is CoffeeCoin?

CoffeeCoin – COF - is a digital asset issued on the Waves platform that works as both a cryptocurrency for quick and inexpensive farm-to-cup coffee payments and as a utility token for transmitting and preserving coffee trade data on the blockchain for traceability and transparency throughout the specialty coffee supply chain. By using CoffeeCoin you help return more value to coffee producers and encourage the production of amazing coffees.

How Do I Get CoffeeCoin?

Currently, CoffeeCoin can be purchased for Waves and Bitcoin on the Waves Platform Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with more options on the way. The Waves client allows you to buy, sell, send and receive CoffeeCoin from your computer or mobile device and can be downloaded for free at:

Where Can I Spend CoffeeCoin?

You can already buy fresh-roasted specialty coffee for CoffeeCoin with the Turtlebeans App:

You can also spend CoffeeCoin online for COF themed T-shirts, coffee mugs and (soon) fresh-roasted coffee at CryptoBantam: More CoffeeCoin-accepting merchants coming soon.

As A Merchant, How Can I Accept CoffeeCoin For Payments?

CoffeeCoin can be accepted for payments using the Waves Platform client on your computer or mobile device:

Coffee roasters around the world can now list and sell their beans for CoffeeCoin on the new TurtleBeans app:

CoffeeCoin can also be accept for online payments on any WooCommerce powered website using the MyCryptoCheckout plugin: us for free integration:

What Is The CoffeeChain Platform?

The CoffeeChain platform allows specialty coffee producers, exporters, importers, roasters, retailers and logistics providers to use COF to transmit and preserve coffee trade data and offers on the blockchain for tracking, traceability and marketing. The data is stored on the blockchain and can be viewed at CoffeeChain is currently in beta and the user guide is available at:

What’s Next For CoffeeCoin?

In the near future the CoffeeCoin project will be releasing a more advanced version of the CoffeeChain platform, offering specialty green coffee lots for CoffeeCoin, onboarding more merchants selling fresh-roasted coffee for CoffeeCoin and announcing more ways to buy, spend and use COF across the specialty coffee chain. To stay up to date, please follow our social media channels:

Reddit: Twitter:

Telegram: Slack:


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wow I want some coffee

3PJGTqD66GK6FbPBYZGzZZwjrwug1kvgPbK has been updated for 2019!

Order fresh-roasted single-origin coffees directly from source from our new webshop - pay with COF.

Now you can buy CoffeeCoin directly from our website with BTC/LTC/ETH - instant SWAP.

You can buy CoffeeCoin directly for USD/AUD/GBP/RUB at

You can also buy COF for EUR/BTC directly at!

And, as always, COF is available on the WAVES dex. COF/Waves trading pair is best!


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