Open Source Algorithmic Trading Bots Competition

Hey waves team, why don’t you run a competition for market making bots run on Waves DEX? Describe a bounty for competition winner and let them create variety of bots on DEX.
Extra: we have to add liquidty between fiat currency a soon as possible.


Honestly, we have that in mind and will do it ASAP. Now we’re focusing on smart contracts and want to get feedback from developers about SC, but in few weeks I think we will run a contest about DEX.

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I see, but there is a way to deal with both and use time more efficiently. you can just describe the rules now and start competition which will end 1-2 months later (that can give you enough time for SC). After SC you can have a break from development and check this works.

Is there any web based bots for waves dex that you dont need to be a programmer to use? like one with a gui?

not yet, but we are working on it.

great idea, it should be fee based instead of fixed upfront cost, then you get recurring income and users can get started easily. maybe double the fee or standard exchange fee like .01% on top of the waves fee for every trade.

You are right and that is what we are working on. If bot is good - it makes profits. Our bot is awesome and we can distribute it for % of profit it made, not for a fixed price. The only thing is a smart profit calculation - we need a smart contracts to make this things real.

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