Order type in smart assets

In addition to Smart Assets Distinctions
The script of a token that only admin can sell:

let adminPublicKey = base58'7fT6vCaX5fAkqTzHGBTHyGGsfrFFSm8kUosN71qztfdY'
match tx {
  case e:ExchangeTransaction =>
    let sell = sigVerify(e.sellOrder.bodyBytes, e.sellOrder.proofs[0], e.sellOrder.senderPublicKey)
    #let buy = sigVerify(e.buyOrder.bodyBytes, e.buyOrder.proofs[0], e.buyOrder.senderPublicKey)
    if (sell) then {
        let permit = sigVerify(e.sellOrder.bodyBytes, e.sellOrder.proofs[0], adminPublicKey)
        if (!permit) then {
            throw("You can't sell it")
        } else {
    } else {
  case tx:BurnTransaction => true
  case _ => throw("You can only buy or burn the token")

If you need to separate the node ExchangeTransaction validation, then use the condition (sell && buy)

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