Payment API question

Hello i have some basic questions for the waves payment API and possibilities it can offer to app.

Can we use this API to receive payments in our own tokens not in waves or bitcoin?

This is the mentioned API.

What i would need this for is to receive payments in our tokens for the services we provide on our platform, can we use it as is to get payments in our token or we need to make slight technical changes to it?

Also what is the way we retrieve data when user pays and how to connect him with the transaction.

All what i need to know is answer on this questions and most of all can we use it as is, thanks.

Yes you can, just change waves for the asset ID of your token. We did use it at the beginning in our system but it is kind of outdated. Have a look at this example that is still functional

Check the promise created once you are redirected (URL created after ?), and how the payment is asked in Kolin in this case and the recipient is a trusted alias. All of this using the official Waves client for processing the payment from the user side.

I understood this part and thank you for clarifying it to me this can work.

But how do i track and retrieve the data then how do i connect the user to the transaction and with the specific product.

I know how i would program it in app but how do i receive data back from this API? Please clarify me that if possible thanks.

You must create a back end for handling that. The Waves API redirects the user back to the website that you registered as “referrer=” and send an object including the signed transaction information. You must corroborate that from your side, and the way to do it depends on what you are creating. i.e. if you use NodeJS you can use the @waves/signature-generator

Create a script that communicates in both directions “your wallet” - “your site”, a sort of intermediary.
My programming sucks.
For example I need my users to pay with waves or tokens on my site, with the api key it is possible to do so.
However, the action takes place because they are transfers from wallet waves to wallet waves, but from my site no user will be notified of the transaction.